Nahrina is a Redguard residing in the city of Sentinel.


An Ill-Fated VentureEdit

Nahrina's husband, Tavo, has gone exploring for riches in ruins beneath the sands east of the Alik'r Desert, but has not returned. The Vestige may retrieve the ancient relics instead of him.


"I'm sorry. I can't talk right now. I'm waiting for my husband."

Is something wrong? "No, it's just … Tavo hasn't been back from the desert like he promised he would. He set out to find a cache of Yokudan relics from a ruin east of here. We had hoped to sell them to get out of this crushing debt."
What ruin? "There is a lost city beneath the sands somewhere in the rocky expanse east of the Alik'r Desert, or so Tavo thought. We've been mixed up with so many awful people lately that I'm beginning to doubt the information he got was genuine."


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