"I happen to be the only merchant on Artaeum. Not that I get much business, mind you. In fact, you're my first customer in weeks."

Nalirsewen is an Altmer merchant who can be found south of the Ceporah Tower in Artaeum. She is the proprietor of the Tower's Shadow Market.

Unique items for saleEdit

Item Price GoldIcon
Blueprint: Psijic Chair, Arched 5,000
Blueprint: Psijic Table, Small 10,000
Pattern: Psijic Banner 10,000
Pattern: Psijic Banner, Large 20,000
Praxis: Book Row, Levitating 5,000
Praxis: Books Stack, Levitating 5,000
Praxis: Psijic Lighting Globe, Large 20,000
Praxis: Psijic Lighting Globe, Small 10,000
Praxis: Psijic Table, Grand 100,000
Praxis: Psijic Table, Scalloped 20,000
Praxis: Psijic Table, Six-Fold Symmetry 20,000


  • "Before I was a member of the Psijic Order, I was a simple shopkeeper's daughter. Even now, I find such work soothes me."
  • "Before you ask, yes, it is odd for a Psijic Mage to open a shop. But everyone has to have a hobby."


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