Nalosi Alari is a Dunmer member of the Ordinators. He can be found on guard duty outside the northern door to the Hall of Wisdom in Vivec City, located in the northeast corner of Temple Canton directly across the bridge from St. Olms Canton. Unlike most of Nalosi's peers, he is not a member of the Tribunal Temple.


Nalosi begins combat by casting three elemental damage spells, typically Poisonbloom then Shockbloom, followed by a third spell that may be Lightning Storm or a repeated spell. He often backs off during the ensuing melee battle, moving towards the stairs leading to the center of the canton. Up to three nearby Ordinators may notice the skirmish and come to his assistance. Nelosi attacks with his unenchanted longsword for the remainder of the fight, until he or his opponent perishes.

Attributes and equipmentEdit


Nalosi Alari is a skilled melee fighter, an expert in Long Blade and Blunt Weapon weapon use. He is proficient in Heavy Armor, and Blocking with his shield. Nalosi is also an expert in the Destruction school of magic. He has 47 points in Medium Armor, his equipped armor class.
Primary Skills
Long Blade 67
Block 62
Blunt Weapon 62
Heavy Armor 62
Destruction 58

Abilities, powers, and spellsEdit

 • Resist Fire - 75%

 • Ancestor Guardian


 • Ash Feast
 • Enervate
 • Enervating Touch
 • Ghost Curse
 • Lightning Storm

 • Poisonbloom
 • Shockbloom
 • Vivec's Wrath
 • Weakness to Corprus Disease
 • Wearying Touch


 • Indoril Boots
 • Indoril Cuirass
 • Indoril Gauntlet (left and right)
 • Indoril Helmet
 • Indoril Pauldron (left and right)
 • Indoril Shield

 • Expensive Pants
 • Expensive Shirt
 • Indoril Belt

 • Steel Longsword


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