"Hello, I'm Nanette Don. I wasn't sure why I came here, until she showed up. Now I know. I'm going to be a powerful sorceress. Just like Relmyna!"
―Nanette Don[src]

Nanette Don is a Breton sorcerer, and the apprentice of Relmyna Verenim. She lives in Passwall, and is abused by Relmyna for even the slightest mistake.


Through the Fringe of MadnessEdit

If Nanette is spoken to, she will tell you about the Gatekeeper's weakness, but if talked to in Relmyna Verenim's lab, she will not talk to the Hero because she does not want to be punished again.


Through the Fringe of MadnessEdit

"Hello, I'm Nanette Don. I wasn't sure why I came here, until she showed up. Now I know. I'm going to be a powerful sorceress. Just like Relmyna! Do you hear that sound? It's like a horse dying..."

Gardens of Flesh and Bone "It's just down the road from Passwall. It's where Relmyna created the Gatekeeper."
Gatekeeper "He's Relmyna's crowning achievement. The Gatekeeper keeps out people who don't belong in the Shivering Isles. She made him in the Gardens of Flesh and Bone. She's my teacher. She's going to teach me all her secrets. Oh, and this is really interesting -- wait! Never mind. My big mouth almost got me in trouble again."
Gatekeeper (Disposition of 70) "I've been dying to tell someone. You seem trustworthy enough... but don't tell Relmyna I said anything! Her Gatekeeper is flawed! Her tears hurt him!"
How do tears hurt him? "Her tears somehow agitate the daedra bound to the Gatekeeper's body. Her tears make it really restless. It strains harder against the warding magic. She may seem like a tough woman, but the Gatekeeper makes her all weepy. Go see for yourself. She visits him every night, around midnight. Just don't tell her I said anything. I might get another lesson in the nature of Pain. I don't like those lessons very much."
Gates of Madness "Can't get in without Sheogorath's Blessing. That's what Relmyna says. That's the reason we're all waiting here - for Sheogorath's blessing. Oh, and I guess there's keys sewn up inside the Gatekeeper's body. Not sure why someone would do that. It's not like anyone can get them now."
Passwall "I don't know who built it. It was here before any of us arrived. It looks like other people lived here before. Dredhwen's been selling what they left behind. So, if you need something, talk to her. She's in the Wastrel's Purse."
Rebuilding the Gatekeeper

"No way! I'm never talking to you, ever again! After she found out what I told you... she... she... you have no idea what Pain is until she... she... Just leave me alone -- go away!"


  • "Will someone stop that racket?" – During and after "Rebuilding the Gatekeeper"


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