"I knew your were game."
―Naril Heleran[src]

Naril Heleran is a Dunmer thief first found at the Rededication Shrine in Davon's Watch. He seeks aid in acquiring an exquisite bottle of wine.

He is encountered later again in Ebonheart, where he is on another wine-related venture.


Exquisite TearsEdit

A shady character named Naril Heleran contacted the Vestige at Davon's Watch. He said they could both profit if they "procured" a rare and expensive bottle of wine for him. If they are to procure a bottle of Tears of Amaya, they'll need to swap the real bottle with a fake bottle given to me by Heleran.

Taking the TowerEdit

Naril Heleran is encountered once again in Ebonheart City, and has asked for assistance on yet another wine-related "business venture." Go the local inn and "procure" a bottle of White-Gold Tower for him.


Exquisite TearsEdit

"Honor to you, traveler. Name's Naril. I'm guessing you're new in town and need some work? It's a bit of luck we met, because I need some help in a business deal."

What did you have in mind? "You may have heard Stonefalls is under attack. This makes some things very lucrative. Take wine. If I had a particular bottle, there's a party who'd pay well for it."
Are you asking me to steal some wine? "Please. "Procure." There's a bottle of Tears of Amaya hoarded by a Nord tavernkeeper here. I offered to buy, but he won't sell. Frankly, he'll never drink it so he'd never know if it was replaced by a copy."
As long as the money's good, I'm in. "I knew you were game."
Can you tell me more about this tavern? "It's the Fish Stink, down by the docks. A brute named Hectur runs it. He's unreasonable about his precious bottle. You can't just smooth talk it away from him."
How do I take the wine, then? "With cleverness! Swap that bottle out when he's not looking. He probably can't tell the difference between good wine and swill."
I'll work something out.

After retrieving the bottle of Tears of Amaya:

"Do I detect the bouquet of Tears of Amaya?"

I was able to get the wine from Hectur. "Ah, it's good to make new business acquaintances. Remember Naril Heleran, my friend. We may see each other again."


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