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Not to be confused with Narsis.

Narsis Dren is a Dunmer adventurer and author who travels across Tamriel to explore ancient ruins. He can be found exploring the Exile's Barrow in Wrothgar, Dreloth Ancestral Tomb in Vvardenfell. He can also be found in Solitude in Western Skyrim.


Wrothgar questsEdit

Draugr DilemmaEdit

Help Mazgoth's clan at Exile's Barrow deal with their draugr problem.

Vvardenfell questsEdit

Ancestral AdversityEdit


Western Skyrim questsEdit

The Maelmoth MysteriumEdit



Show: Draugr Dilemma

"It's a good thing you happened by! And in an old barrow, no less! But tell me, are you a simple admirer or a true devotee to my work?"

I'm looking for Narsis Dren. "How wonderful for you, for you have found him! So tell me, do you want me to sign one of my books or have you come to watch a real adventurer at work?"
Actually, I was asked to check on you and make sure you were all right. "Why wouldn't I be all right? I am the great Narsis Dren, after all! Still, I'm always willing to show a novice adventurer the ropes. Forward, my friend, and together we will deal with the draugr of this barrow! After you!"
Do you have a plan to send the draugr back to their rest? "A plan? Narsis Dren always has a plan. Haven't you read my books? Of course, it's a work in progress. I'm sure it involves locating the main burial chamber and finding a switch or lever. In my experience, it's always a switch or lever. Now, onward!"

If spoken to again:

"I'll follow along and critique your adventuring skills. I like to stand back so I can take in every minute detail, but I'll be close enough to provide guidance and advice. Never fear, however. Since you're assisting me, my usual fee won't apply."

What made you decide to help the Orcs with their draugr problem? "What are you suggesting? I'm just doing what any famous adventurer and treasure hunter would do in this situation. It's my ... sacred duty! To imply anything else would be slander, my friend."
I'm only saying that it's a good thing you happened by when you did. "Well, yes, I see what you mean. But coincidence has always been the dungeon delver's closest ally. And I was hoping to get a look in this barrow when I ... noticed that the draugr were active. For some reason."

In the antechamber:

"I think ... Yes, I'm sure it is! This must be the primary tomb's antechamber! Look at that artwork! Definitely from the Nord neo-strife period! If this place follows the usual construction, the main burial chamber is right behind that door!"

Any idea about how we open the door? "It's what we in the adventuring trade call a puzzle lock. When we solve the puzzle, the door unlocks. But look! Three of the stone panels are broken. We need to find the missing chunks before we can solve the puzzle and open the tomb. The broken pieces for the three panels must be around here somewhere. Let's explore the eastern and southern portions of the barrow and see if we can find them."

At the first bas-relief:

"Well, isn't this intriguing? Look at the attention to detail, the complex composition ... I can tell that a dedicated artist created this work!"

What do you think the image represents? "Isn't it obvious? The dragon and the dragon priest destroyed a mountain! Hmm. But from this angle, it looks more like they're building or restoring something. The imagery of the neo-strife period can be very confusing to the untrained eye."
Building something? Maybe it commemorates the construction of this barrow. "Let's not leap to conclusions. Interpreting ancient carvings requires training and experience. A squiggle here or a line placed there can change the entire meaning. Let's look around. There might be a broken panel piece nearby."
(If found a relic) I found this relic. Does it have any historical value? "Let me see ... well, it's certainly ancient, but it's hardly interesting. Good for scholars, perhaps, but not adventurers such as you and I. My assistant Berrice is a stickler for details and historial accuracy. She loves dull things like that."
I'll speak to her, then.

At the second bas-relief:

"I'm going to be the envy of Nord scholars everywhere! These carved images are simply remarkable!"

What do you think this one means? "Something, something ... praying? Some grand ceremony? Clearly that's the dragon priest ... something, something ... Ascension, I think."
You have no idea, do you? "Oh, how little you know me! The dragon died, the priest killed himself, and his followers sealed themselves in this barrow, making the whole place disappear into the mists of time. Ta-dah! Now, let's find the missing puzzle piece and finish this."

At the third bas-relief:

"Isn't it remarkable? I love finding this kind of stuff!"

What is it? "This kind of sculpture is called a relief. Look how the images seem to rise out of the very stone! I think it's meant to tell some sort of story …."
What do you think it means? "Now, this is purely conjecture on my part, but if I interpret the image correctly, it depicts the Narsis Dren of his day. Look at how his admirers worship him! Either that or it's a dragon priest celebrating some sort of triumph or victory."
A dragon priest? "In days of old, the dragons ruled the world through their powerful servants, the dragon priests. Now that I think about it, this could depict the time of the Dragon War. Let's find more of these remarkable images and see what else they can tell us."
Is this your notebook? "Where did you find that? I thought it was lost forever! I must admit, you do have a keen eye for the tiniest detail. Why don't I just take that and we can get on with our quest."
According to the notebook, you did something to awaken the draugr. "I did what? How slanderous! I have a good notion to just leave and let you deal with this problem!"
That doesn't sound like a hero talking. "Ah, you know me so well! I am the great and powerful Narsis Dren! I came to this barrow to undo the damage I inadvertenly caused and I have no intention of leaving the job half-finished! Now, let's get back to business, shall we?"

At the fourth bas-relief:

"I must determine how to safely remove one of these wonderful depictions!"

What does this panel reveal? "This appears to show the dragon, the dragon priest, and their followers going on some sort of trip. Perhaps it was a quest. Or a pleasurable excursion into the countryside? I'm not sure. They do seem a bit grim."
Maybe that shows them making the journey to this land? "Good suggestion, but it's difficult to know for certain. To convey complex ideas such as an exodus with a single image is harder than you think. Let's look around. We might find one of the missing pieces for the tomb lock around here."

Back at the antechamber:

"The trick with these old Nord puzzle locks is to activate the panels in the proper sequence. Go ahead! Your guess is as good as mine!"

I'm not sure what order the panels should be pressed, are you? "Ah, this is a test of our observational skills. I, of course, quickly ascertained that these large pillars show a part of each of the reliefs we examined. The reliefs tell a story. Come now, I'm sure you can figure it out without any help from me."
Which relief do you think showed the first part of the tale? "Hmm, as I understand it, all stories start with a heroic figure. Maybe a great adventurer. Someone like me. Surrounded by worshipers and devoted followers. They were cheering, weren't they? Swords raised? He must have been very popular."
Do you remember anything about the fourth panel? "At this point, I imagine there's only one panel remaining, so you do the math. Honestly, what do they teach young adventurers these days?"

At the main burial chamber:

"You really do have a knack for adventuring! Are you ready to look upon the grandeur of a dragon priest's tomb?"

What do you think we'll find in here? "Could be anything! This is why we travel, why we face the dangers. We want to see the sights that those possessed of a more timid nature can only dream of! You go first. I wouldn't want to deprive you of the experience."
Have you been in barrows like this before? "Narsis Dren has explored many a barrow! For example, there's usually a treasure vault next to the dragon priest's tomb. There might even be a guardian, but I'm sure the dragon priest is long gone."
I thought we were looking for a way to return the draugr to their rest. "Well, yes. Of course we are. I'm sure something inside the tomb holds the key to solving this dilemma. And hopefully it also holds the key to the treasure vault as well! Now onward, my stalwart assistant. Onward!"

At the treasure vault:

"That was exhilirating! I'd say we're done here. Another profitable adventure for the famous Narsis Dren!"

All this trouble so you could loot a barrow? "But it's a dragon priest mask! An early one, no less! It will be a crowning glory in my vast collection! Besides, Narsis Dren does not loot. He searches, he explores, he entertains. And I couldn't have done it without your help!"
You're a fraud. And it's your fault the draugr were awakened. "A fraud? What a hurtful thing to say! And it wasn't my―oh, all right. Perhaps my initial investigation caused a bit of a problem. But now that the dragon priest has been vanquished, the problem will take care of itself. All's well that ends well."
I think I hear another dragon priest! Quick, hide! <Trick Narsis> "[?]"
You should tell the villagers the truth. "Tell the villagers? Certainly! They'll want to hear all about how Narsis Dren saved the day."

At the Orc village:

"We did good work today, my friend! You should be proud! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to finish my tale and then accept compensation from my adoring public!"

That's quite a tale you were telling the village. "Every story needs a little embellishment. Surely you've read my books? I know how to hold an audience's attention."
I can't believe you're going to profit from this when it was all your fault. "The draugr dilemma? That was an unfortunate accident. But I acquired a rare dragon priest mask. And the draugr have begun returning to their slumber. All thanks to my efforts. And with your help, of course."
[Persuade] You got the dragon mask. These poor villagers deserve some gold for the trouble you caused them. "[?]"
I think Mazgroth deserves to hear the true story of what happened in the barrow. "Very well, if you insist. But it won't make any difference, do-gooder. My version of the tale is more exciting. You're just going to come across as petty and jealous. Now off with you. And don't expect a mention in my next book."


"A plan? Narsis Dren always has a plan. Haven't you read my books? Of course, it's a work in progress. I'm sure it involves locating the main burial chamber and finding a switch or lever. In my experience, it's always a switch or lever. Now, onward!"
―Narsis Dren[src]

During "Draugr Dilemma:"

  • "Aim for the knee! Aim for the knee!" ―Uttered during combat
  • "I think you have this well in hand, so I'll stay back and give you room to work!" ―Uttered during combat
  • "I find that a good stab in the heart usually does the trick!" ―Uttered during combat
  • "I'll protect your rear quarter! Never fear!" ―Uttered during combat
  • "Show those monsters what for!" ―Uttered during combat
  • "I recommend not letting them hit you so often!" ―Uttered during combat
  • "Put a bit more swagger in your swing!" ―Uttered during combat
  • "Don't mind me! I'll just go and examine that panel!" ―Uttered upon entering the room with the first bas-relief
  • "Look! Ancient artwork. Just like in the antechamber. How exciting!" ―Uttered upon entering the room with third bas-relief
  • "That looks like something Berrice will be interested in." ―Uttered upon finding a relic (A Treasure in Need of a Home)
  • "As the senior member of this expedition, I get first choice of the valuable items." ―Uttered upon finding a relic
  • "Don't we have better things to do than examine every piece of junk you come across?" ―Uttered upon finding a relic
  • "What's that? Did you find something valuable?" ―Uttered upon finding a relic
  • "Let's keep searching the barrow. I'm sure the missing pieces are around here someplace!" ―If spoken to after talking about a bas-relief
  • "Back to the tomb door! The puzzle lock is as good as solved!" ―Uttered upon finding all missing pieces
  • "Ah, there you are! Take the broken pieces and see if you can fit them back into their panels!" ―If spoken to in the antechamber after finding all the missing pieces
  • "Nothing happened. If you must guess, at least try to guess correctly." ―If pressed the wrong panel
  • "Puzzle locks can be tricky. Go ahead and give it another try." ―If pressed the wrong panel
  • "Remember, each bas-relief told a different part of the full story." ―If pressed the wrong panel
  • "Not everyone can fully grasp the intricacies of solving puzzles, but go ahead and give it another try." ―If pressed the wrong panel
  • "We're almost there! You can do it! I have the utmost faith in you!" ―If spoken to after correctly pressing three out of the four panels
  • "You did it! This way!" ―Uttered upon opening the main burial chamber
  • "Remember to keep your eyes open. Look for a key to the vault. And a way to stop the draugr, of course!"―If spoken to in the main burial chamber
  • "Look at this place! Amazing! Simply amazing!" ―Uttered upon entering the main burial chamber
  • "Good work with the dragon priest. Now let me just ... uh ... Oh, keys! I knew it! The treasure vault awaits!" ―Uttered upon defeating Arthosiis
  • "That's it! I can hear the coins turning! Come on!" ―Uttered on the way to the treasure vault
  • "You're really going to tell the truth, aren't you? That's ... appalling!" ―If spoken to after deciding to tell the truth


  • He has written the books Narsis Dren and the Lost Notebook and Dwemer Dreams, and is also mentioned in the notes from the Hireling Valinka Stoneheaver.
  • Narsis Dren is based on Indiana Jones, an adventurer who also delves into ancient tombs for artifacts, shares a first name with a location, and also has a similar sounding last name.
  • It was originally intended that Narsis Dren would be a lorebook-only character, but was added into the game due to his popularity.[1]



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