"I'm not one to tell you what you already know, but the reports I've been privy to concerning Naryu's activities read like the adventures of Investigator Vale! Stopping a plague, saving a king, catching a relentless murderer—all the while completing each and every writ and contract assigned to her. That's impressive! Add to that her sardonic wit, her I-don't-give-a-fetch attitude, and the fact that she makes even Morag Tong leathers look good, and is it any wonder they call her "the Beautiful Darkness?""
Ashur of the Quiet Blade[src]

Naryu Virian is a well-known member of the Morag Tong, being active during the Interregnum. Naryu's exploits have inadvertently saved countless lives throughout the provinces, such as ending the Llodos Plague in Deshaan and ending the reign of the Sweetroll Killer in the Gold Coast.

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It is considered common knowledge that Dark Elf women are known to be flirtatious and promiscuous, and Naryu uses this to her advantage, she is known as the "the Beautiful Darkness" after all. Naryu Virian is an agent of the Morag Tong, and so she uses her feminine soft-spoken voice to coerce people to spill information or to do her bidding. But while she sways people off their feet, she is a ruthless and cunning assassin with a reputation that is larger than her guild, and being able to complete every writ by any means possible. Naryu also has a free-will attitude and a dark sense of humor, appreciating even the creepiest and foreboding of things. But like many others, she has a softer side, in regards to certain individuals such as very close friends and allies.


Second EraEdit

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Early Life & Exploits in the Morag TongEdit

Naryu Virian was born in the province of Morrowind, to Mjahlar Virian, who was a well-respected member of the Morag Tong. At one point, Mjahlar took in an orphaned child named Odral Quintayn. As time went on, Mjahlar sponsored both Naryu and Odral into the Morag Tong, who trained with each other throughout the years. Naryu trained under the tutelage of Varon Davel, a senior member of the guild. Her father retired soon after, leaving for Vounoura in the Sea of Ghosts. Her time in the Morag Tong had garnered the attention of several of their assassins, including Ashur of the Quiet Blade, who was one of the few who sought to train her, though past it to Davel. During her training, she was observed by the young nobles of House Redoran, Veya Releth and Ulran Releth, both of whom have grown to admire her. As time went on, Naryu Virian rose through the ranks of the Morag Tong, completing writs with relative ease. She had also begun to experiment in her killing methods, using the usual knife and garrote, even using items in arms reach like stew pots and even a copy of the Twenty-Fourth Sermon of Vivec's Lessons. She is incredibly resourceful and takes an opportunity that comes her way. Her reputation had eventually surpassed Morrowind, bringing attention to the Eyes of the Queen, specifically Razum-dar. The two eventually came together but had since gone estranged.[1][2][UL 1][UL 2]

The Llodos Plague in Deshaan & the MaulbornEdit

During the Interregnum in 2E 582, the region of Deshaan was afflicted with the Llodos Plague, which had rapidly spread across the western grazelands. Both Naryu Virian and Varon Davel were dispatched to uncover the source of this plague, ending up in the city-state of Narsis, which had undergone a blockade to prevent the disease from moving into the city. Councilor Ralden, leader of Narsis had also hired the Vestige to uncover the source, who had also reported to Giron Sadri, an advisor of the Councilor. When Sadri sent the Agent to a Maulborn camp at Lake Hlaalu, he had sent Naryu Virian to assassinate the Agent, though this failed when the two decided to team up. In the end, the two were able to uncover Giron Sadri's plot to poison Narsis, promptly executing the Maulborn Agent. This would be the first time the pair would work together, even blossoming a relationship with each other. However, the Llodos Plague had continued to spread towards Mournhold, and so the two would work together to prevent the plague from passing through the Obsidian Gorge, with help from House Hlaalu.[3][4]

The Mournhold Investigation & the Maulborn's PlotEdit

The Battle at Obsidian Gorge was fought between House Hlaalu and the Maulborn under the command of Merdyndril. Maulborn had set up barriers within the ruins, which had protected them from the plague. Captain Diiril had utilized archers to destroy the crates in the lower basin, which contained the disease. Naryu would order the archers to fire from a cliff while the Agent defended them from the Maulborn Horde. Eventually, the plague was released throughout the Gorge, with many being killed by it. Naryu had fortunately escaped the Gorge before it could affect her, but the Agent remained, murdering Merdyndril in the ancient ruins. With the antidote in hand, the diseased were cured, and the Llodos Plague was terminated, though the Maulborn still intends to attack Mournhold, especially with the sudden influx of visitors. And so, Naryu and the Agent team up to uncover the Maulborn, beginning with the House Dres stationed on the outskirts of the city. Through coercion, the two were lead to the Mournhold Underground, where they discovered a large militia of Maulborn that intend to raid the city for Veloth's Judgement. Before they were able to escape, Almalexia appeared herself, exterminating the Maulborn. With the plague dealt with and the Maulborn threat over in Mournhold. Naryu left Deshaan to continue her writs, but this would not be the last time she would see the Agent.[5][6][7]

Diplomatic Dilemma in Eastmarch; Contract: DhalenEdit

Sometime later, Naryu is dispatched to the frozen region of Eastmarch in Skyrim along with a writ to kill Dhalen, a Breton alchemist that experiments with Daedric Magic. Dhalen was situated in Fort Amol, which is where the higher-powers of the Pact were gathering. And so Naryu tagged along with the Dunmeri Delegation with General Yeveth Noramil, the Dunmeri leader of the Pact. Around this time, Jorunn the Skald-King's brother, Fildgor Strong-Prince had resurfaced, interrupting the Konunleikar and posing a threat to both his brother and the Pact. It was at this point; she reunited with the Agent, whom she worked with to uncover the suspicious action in Fort Amol. Eventually, it was revealed that Lord Vurlop of Amol had betrayed the Pact, allowing Dhalen to poison Jorunn with the foulest of magic. With Dhalen and Vurlop dead, the Pact needed to save the King. Naryu's contract was complete, and so she parted ways with her friend, continuing her work as she does.[8]

The Seven Secretives; Contract: Vonos Bero & Rythe VeranoEdit

As time went on, the Morag Tong had grown exponentially, being used adequately within Dunmeri society, ever since the eventful assassination of Reman Cyrodiil III and Versidue Shaie in 1E 2920. Naryu Virian had taken upon the honorable writs issued by the Grandmaster, Rythe Verano. Virian was to assassinate members of the Seven Secretives, high-ranking members of the Morag Tong that have betrayed their brethren, or so she was told. Later that night, Naryu rummaged through Verano's office, learning of the Grandmaster's plot against the Seven, using them as a scapegoat for his crimes. With the help of the Warden, Boldekh, Naryu assassinated Rythe Verano at the grotto of Mudan Ruins. Naryu took the skull of Rythe with her, as she assassinated the Seven Secretives. Members of the Secretive were scattered throughout Tamriel, and so Virian traveled the provinces, beginning in her homeland of Vvardenfell with her first contact, Vonos Bero, the son of a House Hlaalu noble. Bero had traveled all over the island, taking up various identities such as "Ulamadash the Merry Tinker", evading Naryu. Eventually, Bero had reached to the northeastern edge of the Ashlands, taking refuge in the ruins of Bthuand. In the end, Bero was killed by Naryu Virian, who would leave Vvardenfell for the distant wastelands of Craglorn, Hammerfell, where she would have to confront her second contract.[UL 3][UL 4]

The Seven Secretives; Contracts: Odral Quintayn & Vuldronu OthEdit

Naryu arrived onto Craglorn through the township of Belkarth, after taking a caravan via the Dragonstar Caravan Company. Her next target was Odral Quintayn, her adoptive brother and well-versed alchemist of the Morag Tong. Quintayn as hidden within the ranks of the Scaled Court, a group in Upper Craglorn that follow Malazar, the Serpent Constellation, taking the name of Menden Flot, and becoming the Regent of Roiling Concoctions. Quintayn had involved himself in the creation of the Mantikora. Naryu had swift dispatched Quintayn after the birth of the Mantikora. With Quintayn dead, Naryu traveled to the east beyond Elinhir to the Imperial City, in the province of Cyrodiil. There, Naryu must kill Vuldronu Oth, who has taken refuge amidst the chaos of the Planemeld, within the White-Gold Tower. Disguised as Dremora warriors, Naryu tripped Oth off the White-Gold Tower, dissolving the books she had carried in a pit of Azure Plasm. With three down, Naryu took to the northern wastes of Wrothgar, the home of the Orsimer.[UL 2][UL 5]

The Seven Secretives; Contracts: Rels & Myvryna LlothriEdit

Naryu traveled for the Morkul Stronghold in Wrothgar, which has the only dropbox in Wrothgar for the Morag Tong. The husband-wife team, Rels Llothri and Myvryna Llothri. The couple had no idea about an assassin tracking the Seven Secretives, and so Rels traversed all of Wrothgar, leaving Pariah Scamps while Myvryna had left for Orsinium. Naryu traveled all throughout Eastern Wrothgar, from the settlement of Fharun to the ruins of Zthenganaz until she had finally caught him in Paragon's Remembrance, where Rels was hidden among the Malacath Fanatics. Rels, luckily had the upper hand on Naryu, attempting the "Crescendo on the Fiddle" technique on her neck, but fortunately, Naryu had killed Rels, using "Gutting the Trout." With a narrow escape, Naryu traveled for Orsinium, where Myvryna took on the persona of an Orc. Myvryna was a master of disguise, taking the name of Algutha gra-Varda and working at the House of Orsimer Glories. Myvryna had taken the Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw from the House, which was mistakenly called the Helm of Kharag gro-Khar. With the helm, Myvryna had fled to the north at the Bloody Knoll, where Naryu would kill her. With the couple dead, Naryu traveled south to the waters of the Abecean Sea.[UL 6][UL 7]

The Seven Secretives; Contract: Tlera VeranoEdit

Naryu Virian landed on the shores of Hew's Bane, via a smuggler's hideout called the Shark's Teeth Grotto, with a writ to kill Tlera Verano, the daughter of the Morag Tong Grandmaster. Verano was last seen in this region, residing in the city-state of Abah's Landing. Virian disguised herself as a Redguard laborer, scoping out the entire city from the sewers to the streets for the guild's chief accountant. Her search first took her to Hubalajad Palace and eventually the Thieves Den, the home of the local Thieves Guild. It was here at the Den, Naryu discovered Tlera dead, only to find out that it was a body-double, meant to stop her at her tracks. In her shop, Virian found a journal, which describes Tlera's desire for the Aurbical Abacus, an artifact belonging to Khoshira, the Priestess of Zeht and sister-in-law to Prince Hubalajad. She was buried at the catacombs of Bahraha's Gloom, the Hubalajad Family Tomb. It is here, the Abacus was found and where Tlera Verano would also be found. Deep in the tomb, Naryu encountered Tlera and a Mournful Aegis. With the Aegis tearing Verano to shreds, Naryu smashed the Abacus and left Hammerfell for the Gold Coast and the city-state of Kvatch.[UL 8]

The Seven Secretives; Contract: Dathus IldramEdit

At the time of Naryu's arrival, the Dark Brotherhood had begun to make their appearance well known, bringing the attention of the Order of the Hour and killing Fortunata ap Dugal in Anvil. Naryu had traveled to the local outlaws refuge, where she was eventually led to clues about her next target, Dathus Ildram, who posed as a House Hlaalu agent to the Gold Coast Trading Company. As time went on, Naryu had learned of the Brotherhood's presence in the Gold Coast, even meeting the Vestige from back in Eastmarch. Naryu needed to kill Ildram at Castle Kvatch, but did not want the attention going to her and the Morag Tong. And so, she tasked her friend with infiltrating Castle Kvatch with her, allowing her to kill him and have her friend take the glory for the Brotherhood. With Ildram dead, the two went their separate ways, but Naryu learned that Ildram in Kvatch was a body-double, with the real one still at large. And so, Naryu followed her lovely vagabond to the Brotherhood Sanctuary, to find more, only to be encountered by Speaker Terenus. Terenus would then point the way to the Enclave of the Hourglass, where Ildram was hiding and only to leave for Knightsgrave. It was there, Virian killed Ildram and ended the Seven Secretives. Naryu Virian would return to Vvardenfell, to hand in the contracts. But before this, she had some more business on the Gold Coast, with her darling friend and another long-time friend.[9][UL 9]

The Sweetroll Killer & the Foreboding FutureEdit

A serial killer dubbed the Sweetroll Killer had begun to appear all throughout the Gold Coast, leaving a Sweetroll as their calling card. The Killer leaves a Sweetroll to their victims, letting them know that they are targeted. Naryu was given a Sweetroll, leading her to investigate the matter. Virian had left notes all throughout Kvatch to lure the killer out of hiding, but unfortunately, it failed. Her friend, and the Eyes of the Queen agent, Razum-dar had followed her message to her safe house, where the two parties had confronted each other. Naryu was surprised to see her friend, threatening them with death until they understood each other's motives. Razum-dar and Naryu Virian reunite, deciding to work with their mutual friend on uncovering the Sweetroll Killer. After several steps, the three encountered the Sweetroll Killer, Louna in her farmstead outside of Anvil. Louna was a member of the Fate-Bearers, a group that can look towards the future, and kill all the people that would cause the world's demise. Louna told Naryu that her daughter would lead to the world's destruction, hence why she was given a sweetroll. Louna's fate was dealt with by Naryu's friend, but it is unknown whether she was spared or killed. But regardless, the Sweetroll Killer's spree was over, and Naryu returned to Vvardenfell.[10]

The Death of Ulran Releth & Veya's WrathEdit

Naryu returned to Vvardenfell at a bad time, Ulran Releth had been exiled by House Redoran, and his sister, Veya Releth needed help to find her brother. Naryu had inducted Veya into the Morag Tong, considering her skills with a blade, and so she was under the supervision of Naryu. Veya went into hiding, first at the cavern of Mallapi, while Naryu continued her writs and investigated the situation. While assassinating Curate Sneg at the ruins of Ashurnibibi, Naryu encountered the Vestige, who was hired by Eris Releth to find his daughter. Despite their times together, Naryu needed to trust her friend before letting them meet with Veya. After retrieving a registry in Balmora, Naryu felt that they were trusting, and so her friend was able to meet Veya, while Captain Brivan was looking for her at the Bitter Coast. While the two were talking, Naryu entered Mallapi, telling them that they need to leave, as the Warclaws were coming close. Naryu had stayed behind in case the Warclaws entered the cave. Eventually, the three reunited on the outskirts of the Kudanat Mine, where the both the Ashlanders and Ulran resided in. Deep in the mine, the three discovered Ulran's corpse as well as a Memory Stone, which led to further investigation on this plot against Ulran.[11][12]

Sometime later, Naryu received a writ on Councilor Dolvara Arenim, who was making illegal meetings with both House Hlaalu and House Dres to bring about slavery in Pact Territory. Veya was convinced that Dolvara had intel on Ulran, and so she sent their mutual friend to help Naryu in the mission. Fortunately, Naryu knew that Veya would convince them to come, and so she waited for them, going about their mission and encountering Dolvara. It was revealed that Ulran was murdered by Captain Brivan, to test his loyalty to House Redoran and that the test was commissioned by both Veya and Ulran's father, Eris Releth. Because of this, Veya was hellbent on killing Eris, escaping the hideout in Balmora to deal with both Brivan and Eris. Both Naryu and the mutual followed suit, being able to incapacitate Veya, but could not save both Eris and Brivan. Before the three could leave, High Councilor Meriath offered them a proposition, to keep this under the rug and never bring it up again. With Ashur healing Veya, Naryu was left with the grim choice of either killing Veya or sending her away to make amends. Veya's fate is unknown, but what happened in Balmora had finally been resolved. Sometime later when her friend defeated Barbas at the Clockwork City, Naryu was invited to the ceremony at Vivec City, where Vivec himself congratulated both her friend and Barilzar. This was the last time both Naryu and the Vestige would see each other, both contemplating their future and Naryu confessing her affection towards her friend. Naryu continued her career as a Morag Tong Assassin.[13][14]


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Naryu Virian's exploits have been comparable to the legendary hero, Investigator Vale, which is quite accurate as she had helped end the Llodos Plague in Deshaan, saved the King of the Ebonheart Pact, and even ended the spree of the Sweetroll Killer. Naryu's fate is largely unknown, but it goes in various ways. The likelihood is that like her father before, Naryu continued through the ranks of the Morag Tong, ultimately retiring in Vounoura, where other Morag Tong agents retired. Throughout her time with her the Vestige, her "darling vagabond," she hints at a quiet life in a cabin in the woods with them, which could have happened, along with her retirement in Vounoura. Although, should Veya's endeavors become revealed to the world, Naryu would be hunted by the Morag Tong since she was responsible for her. Not to mention, Veya killed without a writ. She could have died by their hands, or she would have been on the run for the rest of her life.

Louna's message to Naryu about, "Her fate is the worst of all. Her daughter causes the world to burn. Or she could. The future is a fluid thing," refers to Veya Releth, who would eventually arrive onto the Isle of Summerset, becoming the champion of Nocturnal. Veya adopted the name of Tundilwen, taking hold of a corrupted version of the Dawnbreaker and using it against her mutual friend, Naryu's "darling vagabond" and their friends. Veya was initially killed by the Agent but was later resurrected in a vile, corrupted shadow form to protect Transparent Law from them. Eventually, both Veya and Nocturnal were defeated when the Agent stabbed Transparent Law with the Dawnbreaker. Veya's fate is unknown; she could have likely been cast to Evergloam, due to her loyalty to Nocturnal. This event was prophecized by the Fate-Bearers, but it, fortunately, did not come to fruition. Whether Naryu learned about the events at the Crystal Tower is unknown.





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