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"What I want and what I do are usually very different things, my friend."
―Naryu Virian[src]

Naryu Virian is a Dunmer who seeks contact with the Vestige in Deshaan. She is an assassin of the Morag Tong who was hired to eliminate the source of the Llodos Plague and will therefore seek the help of the Vestige.

Alongside senior member Varon Davel, the two are the only remaining members of their cell within the Tong. With the Morag Tong persecuted during the Second Era first from the assassination of the Reman Potentate and from the Dark Brotherhood schism, the members of the guild have gone into hiding and are working from the shadows to try and build connections with powerful nobles and regain the strength and influence they once had.


Ebonheart Pact Quests

Naryu is first encountered by the Vestige in Narsis, where House Hlaalu had requested help from Mournhold to deal with the Llodos plague and the Maulborn threat.

The Mournhold Underground

Naryu returns to Mournhold after taking care of the threat in Narsis, where she secretly helps both the player and Almalexia uncover another Maulborn plot.

The Pride of a Prince

She is later seen in Fort Amol, in Eastmarch, where she is given her first solo contract for the Tong to assassinate a Breton alchemist and killer on the loose in Pact lands. She helps the player uncover another plot by Fildgor and the Stormfist Brigade by unifying the angry delegates and helping the player cut their way through the Stormfist assassins from the shadows.

Gold Coast Quests

A Cordial Collaboration

Help Naryu track down a contract that escaped for Kvatch.

The Sweetroll Killer

Naryu and her allies uncover a string of murders along the Gold Coast.

Vvardenfell Quests

After her work in Kvatch, Naryu invites the Vestige to look for her in Vvardenfell.

Broken Bonds

Naryu meets the Outlander on Firemoth Island after the latter gets captured by slavers.

Fleeing the Past

Naryu begins to develop her trust towards the Vestige, and asks if the Vestige can help her keep Veya Releth safe and away from Redorans and Warclaws.

Of Faith and Family

Naryu tries to talk Veya out of doing things that are unwise, or against the Tong rules, but she too is shocked to find out what really happened to Ulran Releth.

A Purposeful Writ

Naryu tries to find out more about Ulran's death whilst completing a writ. She requires the Vestige to help her in doing so.

Family Reunion

Naryu tries to stop Veya from killing all the Redoran Councilors, but things still went out of hand.


While skilled in the art of assassination, she shows her softer side especially with the Vestige as she helps them with the task of saving lives. She wishes to see the Morag Tong back to its former glory, and does what she can to increase the Tong's standing with the rest of the Pact even if it is outside her contract.




Show: A Cordial Collaboration

"Hello, hero. I'd say I'm surprised to see you, but I've been watching you for days. Acting surprised would be so disingenuous. Let's just say I'm pleased to once again be graced by your company. You're exactly who I hoped to meet out here."

What are you doing in Kvatch, Naryu? "I have a contract. It concerns a corrupt Hlaalu noble hiding in Castle Kvatch. A noble who has to die. I know you work for the Dark Brotherhood now. Our organizations may despise each other, but you and I are friends. And friends help each other."
What kind of help do you need? "This is your territory. I don't want to rankle your superiors by making a social blunder. So here's my brilliant plan. I kill my target and you take all the credit. Lets me complete my contract while giving you the chance to make a good impression."
All right. I'll help you. "Smashing! I always enjoy working with you! We have a certain connection, you and I. Don't you just find it to be so … intense?"
Do you have a plan? "I thought about entering the castle, but I have the kind of face everyone always remembers—beautiful. So I was thinking … you go inside, sneak into Dathus's room, and open the secret passage. Then I hop in and take care of business!"
Why do you need my help with this? "I don't. Not to deal with Dathus. But I do enjoy sleep, and that's hard to come by when the Brotherhood sends assassins in the night. Better they never see me. If it comes down to it, I'd hate to have to kill anyone without the proper paperwork."
Tell me more about your target. "Right to business? Oh, very well. Dathus Ildram of House Hlaalu is one of those blood-sucking creatures that needs to be crushed beneath a heavy boot. He believed fleeing from Morrowind would put him out of reach. But here I am, contract and all."
What did he do to deserve death? "Seems like bad form to spill all the gory details. Suffice to say, he swindled some rather important clients and had the audacity to steal from House Hlaalu itself. The last straw was when he closed two orphanages to open a cornerclub."
You're certainly looking good, Naryu. "Of course I do, darling! What did you expect? That I'd get soft and fat after you abandoned me? Seriously, I'm not sure I like that you joined the Dark Brotherhood. I trust you, of course, but your new "family"? Not so much."

After meeting her in The Eight Blessings:

"That went surprisingly well. It's amazing what can be accomplished when trusted associates collaborate to get a job done. House Hlaalu won't recover the gold he embezzled, but at least Dathus won't be tearing down any more orphanages."

Enjoying a nice beverage, I see. "And you should join me! I find that a warm fire, a strong drink, and a hot bath—not necessarily in that order—help me unwind after a contract. Besides, this is Kvatch. You can pray and you can pray. Or you can drink. I prefer the latter."
Did anyone see you leave the castle? "Not a one, hero. But they saw you! Those striking features will be the talk of Kvatch for the next few days. I'd avoid the guards if I were you. Our plan worked flawlessly. Now I won't have to look over my shoulder for the Brotherhood. Thank you."
So what's next for Naryu Virian? "Back to Morrowind, I suppose. Or maybe I'll stick around the Gold Coast for awhile. See the sights. Take in the ambiance. If you have some free time, hero, let's get together. Work on our mutual cooperation. Who knows? You might even enjoy it."
So what have you been up to since we stopped the Maulborn plague? "Oh, you know how it is. A murder here, an assassination there. A girl needs to stay active! But I wanted to thank you again for all the help you provided back in Deshaan. I won't forget that, hero. And I'll never forget you."
Why don't you stay here. The Dark Brotherhood could use someone like you. "That's a sweet offer, hero, but I already work for a shadowy organization. Besides, I don't think I'm exactly Brotherhood material. Too much emphasis on pseudo-religious nonsense for my taste. But no offense of you're into that kind of thing."
Do you still have that dress you wore at Fort Amol? "I'm never going to live that down, am I? I did look good on me, though, didn't it? What am I saying? You have a way of making me act unprofessionally, you know that? Well, keep it up. I kind of like it."
Show: The Sweetroll Killer

After her breaking into the house:

"If you and your Brotherhood comrades sent me that sweetroll, I'm truly disappointed. I thought you'd realize by now that I don't take kindly to threats. Besides, it's hard enough to look good in tight leather without being tempted by tasty pastries."

What are you talking about, Naryu? "No one knew I was on the Gold Coast. No one except you. Suddenly someone delivers a sweetroll with my name on it and a note predicting my untimely demise. It looks like you betrayed me. Give me a reason not to run you through."
I'd never do that to you. "You realize that our organizations don't exactly play nice with one another, right? The moment I leave myself open, they'll put a blade in my neck. You joined the Brotherhood! You have to see how that makes me question our relationship."
I just want to stop the Sweetroll Killer. Especially if you're a target. "I want to believe you. I really do. But until I figure out what you're really up to, I'll keep my feelings to myself. If you really care, your actions will speak louder than your words, any way. Besides, I still want to know what you're doing here."
We're looking for the Sweetroll Killer. I didn't even know you were still in town. "So you followed my messengers and found me instead? Ever since I received the threatening sweetroll, I've been looking into other targets, trying to figure out who knows me and why they want to kill me. Well, why they want to kill me this time."
Find out anything that can help us? We're on the same side here. "Everyone who received one of the menacing sweetrolls is traveling to Anvil for one reason or another. Seems to me if the killer is smart, that's where he'll make his move. As a matter of fact, I'm headed there now. No one threatens me and lives."
Then Anvil is where we're going, too. "Just don't get in my way. I'm still trying to figure out your game in all this. But we've worked well together in the past. Might as well take advantage of that. I'll confer with Raz to make sure he and I see eye to eye, and we'll meet you in Anvil."

In Anvil, with Yarmia in tow:

"Good. We're all here. Now the real fun can start. Raz and I have been discussing our options. At least when I can get him to take his eyes off the mermaid. I'm eager to see who the murderer really is. Mostly so I can kill him."

We need to come up with a plan to catch the killer. "Already have one, hero. Raz wants the Wood Elf and I to stick close so he can watch out for us. We'll gather the rest of the targets and get them to safety. I'd prefer to let the killer find me and finish this, but the cat is very insistent."
What do you want me to do? "I don't trust Reman. He hired you to look into all this but I think he knows more than he told you. Go to the Gold Coast Trading Company and find out whatever you can about this fool. He makes my ears tingle, which tells me he's hiding something."
Do you know Reman Mevavius? "Never met the man, but Raz filled me in on the details. I had my eyes and ears around town to do some digging. They confirmed that Reman visited with all of the targets right before he hired you."
He never told me about that. "My guess is he never told you about a lot of things. That's why I want you to go and take a closer look at him. Get rough if you have to, but make sure he tells you everything he knows. He might have the key we need to stop the Sweetroll Killer."
You want me to get rough? "Oh, I'd enjoy a little rough play with you, hero, but for now I want you to go learn more about Reman. Preferably while holding a blade to his throat. He met with all of the Sweetroll Killer's targets except me, and I want to know why that is."

After the fight with the Fate-Bearers and after speaking with Louna:

"I can't believe you're even considering this. Did you hear how crazy she sounded?"

I guess I know what your opinion is. "Damn right, you do. She's crazy as a cracked mudcrab! All her talk about fate and the future. And what she said about me. I don't have a daughter. I hate children! It's never going to happen. Any way you look at it, Louna has to die."
What about the people she targeted? "What about them? She's going to kill again. And she's going to come back for us. She thinks we're going to wreck the world! If we save a few now, how many more will she kill later? I say end her life and be done with it! There's nothing to consider. The crazy Dark Elf has to die. I know this is hard. Making life and death decisions always is. But if we let her walk away, she'll come back for us. And more people will die. Do you want that on your head?"
Show: Broken Bonds

"Look what the sea coughed up! Welcome to Vvardenfell, land of Dark Elves, lava flows, and slaves of all descriptions. Speaking of slaves, let me get those manacles off you."

How are you going to remove these bindings? "Oh, you'll find I'm full of surprises! I have just the thing. Hold still... there!"
What is this place? "You've been captured by slavers. Haven't you been paying attention? Maybe you hit your head when your ship crashed into the rocks and dumped you onto the Bitter Coast. The slavers lured your ship in and took their pick of the survivors."
Are you working with the slavers? "Slavers? Me? No, my allegiance leans in an entirely different direction. Let's just say I'm here to help you escape this place. Then you can get back to what you were doing before the slavers so rudely sank your vessel."
So how do we get out of here? "Not so fast, hero. I need to make sure you can handle yourself in a fight. Not everyone recovers from a near-death experience that quickly."
I'm fine, I can fight with the best of them. "[?]"
All right, let's test my fighting skills. "Let's go over some of the basics of combat."
I'm ready. "Hit me. I wanna see what you've got. Try to block this! Impressive! You're just what I need to pull my plan together. Most of the slavers are currently on a raid. That mean's it's the perfect opportunity for us to make our escape."
What do you need me to do? "Oh, not too much, really. I need you to find a set of slaver clothes so you don't look like one of the prisoners. Plus, we need the gate key or we'll never make it to the docks. Here. Take my lockpick in case you need it."
What are you going to do while I get the gear and the key? "I've got a few more things to check on before we can make our escape. You do your part, and I promise you, I'll do mine."
Any idea who these slavers are? "An idea? Of course. I just need proof to satisfy my superiors. But don't worry. I'm sure we'll have things well in hand by the time we meet back up."
I'll go find some gear and the gate key. "[?]"
I'd like to fight you again, just for the practice. "[?]"

When met after helping the slavers:

"I couldn't have done much better myself, hero. Good work down there! There's one more thing to do, if you're up to it. Time is short, but I have something to tell you. You've earned that much at least."

What do you want to tell me? "I'm an assassin, a Morag Tong agent here to complete a job. The writ I carry gives me the legal authority to end my target's life, no questions asked. I'm here to kill Captain Svadstar, leader of this band of slavers. He's as bad as they come."
Why are you telling me this? "Because I need your help. I can kill the captain and ten of his thugs without breaking a sweat. But the slavers' ship? It's faster and stronger than anything the locals can throw at it. If we don't scuttle the ship, they'll be right back to business."
Why should I help an assassin? "Not big on gratitude, I see. Look, I signaled Seyda Neen, but they won't get here in time to stop the slavers. With your help, we can end the slavers, save their prisoners, and sink their ship. Otherwise, the prisoners are as good as dead."
So what do you need me to do? "Gather some fire salts and kindlepitch from the docks. With them, you can make a fire bomb. Not only will setting their ship on fire destroy it, it will flush Svadstar from his hiding hole so I can end him. We'll meet after you gather the supplies."
I'll get the fire salts and kindlepitch and meet you at the docks.

When met near the boat to the slave ship:

"Over here! Get on-board and let's go! About time you got here. What took you so long?"

Dialogue on the ship:

Show: Fleeing the Past

"You have a habit of turning up at the most unusual moments, don't you, hero?"

I came to you to ask you — "Questions? I don't have time for questions. I have a writ to complete? Look, I can't keep these evil cultists waiting. You want to talk? Find me after I finish this job."
I'll find you

At the end of Ashurnibibi and killing Curate Sneg (After Gold Coast).

"I have to admit, when I saw you I thought, "what the tusk are you doing down here?" — pardon my Orcish. Did you really follow me across the continent? That shows commitment. Kind of creepy, but still, a lot of commitment."

I'm looking for Councilor Eris's daughter, Veya. "Well, that's not what I expected. But you can just turn around and leave. You're not going to find her. Veya's going through a difficult time right now and the last thing she needs is some House Redoran lackey adding to her pain and confusion."
You know me, Naryu. I just want to assure her father that Veya's safe. "I know you, hero. It's Old Man Eris I don't trust. He didn't tell you about Veya's brother, did he? How House Redoran exiled their favorite son? No? I didn't think so. Veya deserves answers and I promised to help her. You need to just walk away."
If you don't let me help, you'll have to deal with others. They're hiring outsiders to help find Veya. "Outsiders? Is her father really that desperate? Look, tell Eris that Veya's safe and you'll see her soon. But no more outsiders. If my organization get skittish, they'll return to the shadows and take Veya with them. We'll only deal with you."
Is all that really true? Will you set up a meeting with Veya? "Well, it's not exactly a lie. And I don't want things to get out of hand. I'll arrange a meeting, provided Veya agrees. You let Eris know she's safe. Get him to stop hiring freelancers before someone gets hurt. I'll send when we're ready."
(Persuade) This isn't how I imagined our reunion turning out. "Were you imagining a hot bath, a bottle of wine, and a secluded cottage with a roaring fire? Me, too! Instead, we're up to our arm pits in the usual muck and mire. Just like old times! All this and things are looking for my organization, too!"
What organization are you talking about?/Your organization? "I suppose if you're in for a sliver you might as well be in for the log. I'm with the Morag Tong and what you witnessed was a legal murder. According to my writ, the Orc had to die. So I killed him. Now if you don't mind, I need to get back to Veya."
Why do you care what happens to Veya? "Veya and I have a history. Her brother, too. They were good kids. Liked to watch me train. Now I feel responsible for her. When she came to me looking for help and asked to join the Morag Tong, who was I to refuse."
You let her join the Morag Tong? "That was her decision, not mine. Veya's good with a blade and tracks like a Nord ranger. She's a natural at this and it gives me a chance to keep an eye on her. So now I'm her mentor and she's my apprentice. I wouldn't have it any other way."
What was that between you and the Malacath cultists? "That was poetry in motion! Not only is my organization getting choice assignments again, but we're starting to recover some of our prestige. Specifically, these Malacath cultists interfered with House Telvanni, so they had to be dealt with."
And the Orc you just killed? "Oh, him? No one special. Just the leader of this particular band of mad cultists. His name was on the writ, so I had to end him. It's what I do, after all, and I do it so well!"
Show: Of Faith and Family

Meeting her in the hideout:

"Sorry about the subterfuge, but we can't be too careful when it comes to security around here."

Can I meet with Veya now? "Don't be so eager, my darling. It reveals too much about your ultimate intentions. But yes, Veya would very much like to meet with you. You intrigue her. And your connection to her father could prove beneficial — once she knows she can trust you."
And how do I prove she can trust me? "Redoran records. House officials keep track of everything! Incidents, commendations, births and deaths — whether important or mundane, they detail it all in their registry. Veya believes the registry contains information about her brother Ulran."
She wants me to steal the House Redoran registry? "Don't sound so offended. You had to know your hands were going to get dirty eventually You are dealing with assassins and politicians, after all. The local keeper of records, Lord Drono, is away, so security at his townhouse should be light."
Steal the registry from Lord Drono's townhouse, got it. "You can find Lord Drono's townhouse right here in Balmora. He's away on business, but that doesn't mean you don't have to be careful. Just get in, get the registry, and get back out again. I'll be here, anxiously awaiting your return."

Returing from Lord Drono's Townhouse:

"Still alive, I see. And since you're here, that means you weren't captured and hauled off to a Redoran dungeon. Good for you! Were you able to acquire the registry? And does it contain any information about Veya's brother, Ulran?"

The book mentions that someone named Ulran was stripped of his rank and exiled. "Ulran was exiled? That can't be right. He's an exemplary officer and a good man. Plus, he's the son of a councilor! Why in Oblivion would House Redoran banish one of their brightest stars?"
That's what it says in the registry. "I can see that. There has to be more to the story, but I'm not sure how we get it. Still, you proved you could be trusted and you admirably performed this task, so I suppose I should let you meet with Veya now."
Where's Veya? "There's an abandoned cave along the coast. It's in the swamp and smells like rot, which makes it the perfect place to hide. Veya's supposed to wait inside, but she's bored. I know she's been sneaking out. You'll find her in the cave or just outside."
I'll go to the swamp and talk to Veya. "Get to the swamp and find Veya. She's eager for any information about her brother, so she's really going to appreciate getting that registry. Just try not to be too charming when you meet her, hero. She has enough distractions as it is."
This place looks comfortable. Why hide Veya out in the swamp? "Veya would face too many temptations here in Balmora. Friends, favorite places, familiar sights and sounds. Not to mention the proximity to all things House Redoran. Even the most thick-headed House Guard would eventually stumble over her."
Well, thanks for trusting me with your secret hiding places. "Oh, don't thank me, hero. As long as you're useful and don't betray us, then we're engaged in a mutually beneficial arrangement."
Do you know Veya's brother well? "Well enough. Ulran and Veya used to sneak out to watch me train. I have a way with blades that fascinated them to no end. Eventually, a fondness developed between the three of us. And to think, I never even had a nix-hound growing up."
Doesn't being in the Morag Tong make such relationships difficult? "It's not like personal relationships are against the rules, though I suppose they are sort of frowned upon. Anyway, my assignments always brought me back to Vvardenfell, so we were able to keep in touch and visit even as they grew older."
And you don't think Ulran could do something terrible enough to warrant exile? "Anything's possible. But the Ulran I know holds honor above all else. I can't believe he'd do something so dishonorable that the House leaders would demand his exile. We need to find out more about what happened."
Why does Veya keep sneaking out of the cave? "Veya's young, bored, and stubborn. That makes for a volatile combination. She wants fresh air and freedom. I can't blame her for that. I can blame her for assuming I'm not aware of her little excursions. I thought I trained her better than that."
Do you think she's in any danger? "Danger's a relative term. Especially when you're dealing with relatives. Veya can make her own decisions. If she wants to risk getting caught by House Redoran, that's on her head. Especially since she knows they've been searching that area."

When she arrives to Mallapi Cave:

"Dealing with an arrogant, impatient, overconfident young woman ... now I know how my mother must have felt! We need to move. It won't take those damn cats long to find this place, not with their sense of smell."

What do you suggest? "The back tunnels. Better than heading out the front door and right into the main contingent of Redoran troops. Councilor Eris brought additional soldiers from town. He's intent of getting his daughter and he may have the numbers to do it."
So the back tunnels it is. "One more thing. The back tunnels wind their way through territory that House Redoran recently acquired. We may run into some resistance, but it shouldn't be as bad as what's waiting outside the front of the cave."
We'll just have to be careful then.

Outside Kudanat Camp, after talking to Veya:

"I'll make sure Veya stays out of trouble. Just find whatever you can so we can get out of here before the Warclaws notice us."

Veya called you "Mother of Blades." Care to elaborate? "She only calls me that to annoy me. It's an obscure Morag Tong title given to ranking female agents when they take on apprentices. She's just lucky that as her mentor, I'm not allowed to kill her. You? You're not that lucky."

After finding Ulran's body:

"Veya shouldn't have had to see this. Even I'm finding it hard to believe that the mercenaries would slaughter these Ashlanders for no reason — not to mention the son of a House Councilor. It doesn't make any sense."

If he tried to defend the Ashlanders ... "I suppose anything could happen in the heat of the moment, but to kill a Redoran — even an exiled one — that's presumptuous even for the Warclaws. I wonder if Eris knows about this? I'm not sure how Veya's going to get her answers now."
I found this speaking stone on Ulran's body. "I've seen these before. They use them in Eastmarch to record and send important messages. They're expensive and as rare as a sober Nord, but Ulran was always attracted to the contrivances of other cultures. Shall we see what it has to say?"
If it can shed light on what happened here, I say yes.

After Ulran's message:

"I agree with Ulran's assessment. It certainly sounds like someone led him into a situation guaranteed to make him fail. I can't believe he put this burden on Veya, though. What was Ulran thinking?"

You don't think we should continue to investigate Ulran's death? "I didn't say that. I'm just not sure how to proceed. We're entering dangerous waters here, going up against House Redoran. And we don't even have a writ to protect us!"
So what do we do next? "I'm going to take Veya and head back to our safehouse in Balmora. They found our cave, but the abandoned basement is still secure. After that, I'm not sure. The Morag Tong has rules. If I break them, I'll have to deal with the consequences."
Tell me about the Morag Tong's rules. "We can't just kill with wild abandon. We follow a code. We only execute those whose names appear on sanctioned writs. If we kill respectable citizens without a writ, that's just murder. So, without proof and a proper writ, my hands are tied."
I suppose I should let Councilor Eris know about his son. "You do that, but be careful. We're not sure who in House Redoran is involved, and I'd rather not see you wind up like these poor Ashlanders. Veya and I still need your help to get to the bottom of all this. We'll see you in Balmora, hero."
Show: A Purposeful Writ

Outside Arenim Manor:

"I was wondering how long it was going to take Veya to convince you to follow me. Bet she thought I didn't notice when she glanced at my writ, didn't she? Where is my overly curious apprentice, by the way?"

Veya stayed in Balmora. She wants me to see what your target knows about Ulran's exile and murder. "I know Veya wants answers, but this is my job. There are rules, especially where the lords of the Great Houses are concerned. There might be a way to deal with this, though, provided you're willing to help."
What do you need me to do? "First, don't kill any Redorans. That's a violation of my writ and could have serious consequences for both of us. Second, you sneak around and search anything that pertains to Ulran's exile while I figure out how to deal with the councilor."
All right. I'll see what I can turn up. "We need to be invisible. These things work best when no one but the target knows we're there. If you get spotted, you're on your own. I even cough on anyone without a writ and the Morag Tong will have my head."
Do you often receive writs that call for the death of high-ranking House officials? "It's unusual, but not unheard of. True, most writs taken out against the Houses target low to mid-ranking officials. The Grand Master is cautious when it comes to accepting such a high-profile writ. Apparently, though, this target has been very bad."
What did the councilor do? "Councilor Dolvara has been conspiring with House Dres to promote the slave trade and avoid scrutiny by Redoran and Pact officials. She played a dangerous but profitable game and her coffers were overflowing—until someone noticed."
What gave her away? "I'm not privy to the laborious investigations that took place. In cases like these, though, the target usually becomes complacent and lets her guard down. She made a mess. Now I get to clean it up — for the goof of Dunmer society."
Why do you think Ulran was really exiled? "That's the question, isn't it? It nags at us the way the Torchbug nags at the Brave Little Scrib in those children stories. Once we discover who Ulran's Torchbug is, we'll have a clearer understanding of why they set him up and why he had to die."
You think Ulran's death was all part of the plan? "I'm not saying that. Accidents happen. But they certainly made sure Ulran was in the wrong place at the wrong time—both in Balmora and again in the Ashlander camp."
You think Captain Brivan's involved in all this? "Brivan's name keeps coming up. At the very least, he was Ulran's best friend once. He might be able to shed some light on Ulran and what happened to cause his exile. And I really want to know what took place after Ulran left us that message."
Did you need to leave Veya behind? "Veya's my apprentice and I'll decide when she's ready to take on a mission. She's been through a lot, and her actions reflect on me and my status in the Morag Tong. She may not appreciate it right now, but I'm trying to keep the both of us on track."
So you're accountable for Veya's actions? "That's how it works. Her actions are my actions. Veya goes out and executes three writs, I share the credit and get praised for training my apprentice. On the other hand, if she kills someone without a writ, the Morag Tong takes both out hands."
Morag Tong rules are that stringent? "They have to be. My order came this close to being eliminated. It's only recently that we've started to make a comeback—and only in Dunmer territory. If we can't control the actions of our members, we'll be hunted down and destroyed for sure."

After traversing Arenim Manor:

"So Councilor Dolvara does know something about Veya's brother. Damn it all! Now I suppose you want to actually talk to her before I execute the walking pile of pond scum?"

Don't we need to find out what she knows about Ulran? "Of course we do! I specifically waited for you to arrive because I figured that would be the case. Still doesn't mean I'm happy about blurring the line between helping Veya and performing my duty as a Morag Tong."
What do you think about the other information we found? "That means we have to get Dolvara to spill her guts before I spill her guts! Just keep your wits about you, hero. Dolvara wields her feminine charms the way I wield my daggers. Don't let her seduce you into doing something stupid before I end her."

After talking to Councilor Dolvara:

"The good Captain Brivan appears to be more involved in Ulran's fate than I had imagined. He never struck me as the type to use murder and deceit to get ahead, but that's the problem with greed. It causes decent people to make stupid choices."

It sounds like the captain is spreading Ulran's soldiers to the four winds to make a fresh start. "Or he's trying to hide something. The letter mentioned an intact squad sent to scout the old fort. You need to get out there and see what those soldiers know before Brivan gives them new orders and they disappear."
Should I let Veya know what we discovered first? "I suppose. She's probably oulled tight as a bow string waiting to hear something. Go talk to Veya while I present my writ to the authorities. I can't wait to see the look on the Redoran magister's face when I tell him what his councilor was up to."
I'll go talk to Veya.
Show: Family Reunion

Outside Balmora Gates:

"I leave you and Veya alone for a couple of hours and everything goes to Oblivion in an ore cart! Why did Veya leave the safe-house? And why is House Redoran tearing the city apart to find her?"

Veya couldn't wait, so we went to find the soldiers who were scouting the old fort. "You did what? I suppose you thought that was a good idea? Well, the damage is done. At least tell me you found something to make this debacle a little more palatable."
We learned that Brivan gave the order that led to Ulran's banishment. "That explains why Veya broke into the kinhouse. I'm not sure what happened in there, but she certainly stirred up the Redoran soldiers. Veya might still be inside. Or she might have given them the slip. She could be anywhere by now."
I can get inside and try to talk to her. "If Veya kills Brivan without a writ, the Morag Tong and House Redoran will both want her head on a silver platter. You check the kinhouse. I'll grab Ashur and see if we can pick up Veya's trail in the streets. Don't let me down, hero."

Outside the Redoran Kinhouse:

"Please tell me you found Beya. I can already feel the cold steel of the executioner's blade on the back of my neck!"

Veya's going to the Redoran council meeting to confront Captain Brivan. "Is Veya trying to get herself killed? You can't just barge into a Redoran garrison and ask the soldiers to stand aside while you murder their captain! We have to get to her before she gets to Brivan."
Veya also left a trail of dead Redoran soldiers in the kinhouse. "She murdered soldiers without a writ? This is a dark path she's decided to follow. And unless we play this just right, it's not going to end well for any for us. Let's find Veya and put a stop to this. We can deal with any consequences after that."
I'll meet you at the garrison outside the city.

Outside the Redoran Garrison:

"I don't like the looks of this. Brivan is using Warclaws to patrol the garrison instead of Redoran soldiers. Either House forces are stretched thinner than I thought or Brivan wants to justify the use of mercenaries to the council."

What do the Warclaws have to do with anything? "Maybe nothing, maybe everything. We know Ulran refused to employ mercenaries — he hated counting on thugs to do the right thing. I expect the Redoran council feels the same. Maybe Brivan's trying to show them what the Warclaws can do."
We might have to fight our way through the mercenaries. "The Warclaws may be a blessing in disguise. I can explain killing these bastards a lot easier than trying to wipe Redoran blood off my hands. Let's go stop Veya. I'm ready when you are, hero."
How do we get into the garrison? "There's no stealthy way to approach this. The front door's our only option. Then we track down Brivan, find Veya, bonk her on the head, and get her out of here before she does something I can't fix. Easy as gorupple pie!"

Inside the garrison:

"Like many Redoran structures, this place is huge and designed to serve a multitude of purposes. We're going to need to split up to cover it all. We must find Brivan and keep him alive until I can talk some sense into my damn apprentice."

What's Captain Brivan going to think about all this? "He's going to be as mad as a bull netch and twice as ugly. Provided we can actually convince him we're here to save his sorry hide and that we're not part of a plot to kill him and the councilors. Just another day at the fair, right, hero?"
Let's do this.

After searching the upstairs:

"I haven't so much as heard or seen even a whisper of Brivan yet. Just lots of snarling Warclaws. If we can't get through this door, there's only one other way to go."

Where's that? "It's always important to figure out where a target keeps its wine. In this case, down in the cellars. There's a staircase back where we first came in. And if we still don't find Brivan or Veya, well, at least there'll be plenty to drink!"
I'll head downstairs and keep searching. "And I'll figure out how to get this door open. Just in case. You know, attending a House Redoran council meeting was always a secret goal of mine. Right after getting a lusty Argonian maiden to scrape my flesh raw with her abrasive tongue."

After Veya kills Captain Brivan:

"Veya killed Brivan. Without a writ. It was pure, focused rage. I never expected her to go through with it. If Veya doesn't get herself killed up there, the Morag Tong will hunt her down and execute her. Like a rabid guar. Her and me both."

We can still save Eris and the rest of the councilors. "I'm not sure they deserve to be saved, but that's what we have to do. Veya can't be allowed to kill the councilors. I ... we ... have to stop her. It's more than me and Veya's lives on the line. Something like this could destroy the Morag Tong."
What do you mean, destroy the Morag Tong. "The Morag Tong only recently began to find acceptance again. Veya's actions don't just reflect badly on me, they could be used to force us back into the shadows. Maybe even disband us altogether. We're both going to have to answer for this."
What do you want me to do? "We have to get ahead of her, cut her off, There's a door on the main floor, near the kitchens, that should allow us to come at the council meeting from another direction. I was able to get it open when I was scouting around up there. Let's go."

After talking with High Councilor Meriath:

"I'm not sure about this. It's a generous offer, but those are some big secrets to sweep under a rug. Besides, Veya isn't dead. At least not yet. She's still breathing."

How is that a problem? "The High Councilor thinks we killed her. The deal hinges upon all of us forgetting this sorry mess ever happened. Besides, once Veya regains her senses, there's every likelihood that she'll try to kill the councilors again."
You don't think you can convince her to go along with this? "When have I ever been able to convince Veya to do anything she didn't want to do? There's a Redoran blood on Veya's hands. Once the Morag Tong ties those unauthorized murders to her, she's as good as dead anyway. And, more than likely, so am I."
So how do you want to handle this? "I don't see many options. We can either finish off Veya now and go along with the High Councilor's deception, or we slip out of here with Veya and send her far, far away. She broke her vows and deserves to die. I know that, but it still feels wrong."
Veya deserves a second chance. We can worry about the rest later. "You're ... you're right. If anyone's to blame for all this, it's me. I wasn't a good enough mentor. If for no other reason, Veya deserves a second chance. Look, you need to leave. We'll meet back in Balmora. And, hero? Thanks."
You said it yourself. Veya deserves to die. [?]

Spare Veya (At the Safehouse):

"Ashur did an outstanding job. For an assassin, he's got a gift for the healing arts. Veya's going to live. Now I just have to convince her to listen to me this time."

Doesn't our agreement with the High Councilor assume Veya died at the garrison? "And as far as she knows, she did. Now Veya needs to disappear. Otherwise, both Redoran and the Morag Tong will go after her. Believe me, nobody survives that kind of attention. Veya didn't ask for everything that happened. She only wanted justice."
How is Veya going to disappear? "I've arranged for a ship captain I know to meet us in Vivec City. From there, Veya will sail to Summerset and rendezvous with an associate of mine. He's kind of furry and a bit of an arse. But he's good people. He'll take care of Veya."
What's going to happen to you? "As long as everyone sticks to the bargain, I go about my usual business. A writ here, a nice bath there, maybe a few intimate encounters along the way — to relieve the tension, you understand. I just hope Veya's good with all this. She has to be."
Well, take care of yourself, Naryu. "Always, hero. Oh, hey, I want you to have this. Something to remember me by until we meet again. I hope you don't leave here with the impression that all Dark Elves are conniving dirt bags. Some of us are also kind of sexy. Like me, for instance."

Spare Veya (Meeting at Vivec City):

"How did I know you were going to show up, hero? Can't get enough of my smiling face, hmm? I know she tried to murder a kinhouse full of councilors, but Veya deserves to see a friendly face before I send her away."

Are you sure sending Veya away is the right decision? "She spilled Redoran blood without a writ. She broke the rules of the Morag Tong. As I see it, I don't have a choice. Veya needs to remain dead in the eyes of Vvardenfell. Otherwise we'll all have to pay for the damage she's done."
Isn't there still a risk in this plan of yours? "Only if it fails, and that's not going to happen. Summerset is far enough away that no one will find her. Besides, Veya needs time to heal and make a fresh start. She'll be fine. Her new mentor is a pussycat compared to me."

At the St. Delyn Waistworks (After the Sweetroll Killer):

"Do you remember that incident on the Gold Coast? That thing with the sweetroll and the Fate-Bearers? Well, I received another message."

Another threat? Is the killer back again? "No. This was more of a warning. And a disappointing one, as far as that's concerned. At least the previous notes came wrapped in a tasty treat. This just came in an envelope. But it wasn't just for me. It was addressed to you as well."
What does the note say? "Oh, nothing too terrible. Just that we may have altered fate's path, but one danger has been replaced with another. The flames have become shadows, "a spreading darkness that will consume the world." It's kind of beautiful. Creepy, but beautiful."
What do you think it means? "Not a damn thing. It's just more of that Fate-Bearer nonsense. Spooky predictions designed to unsettle the reader. But Naryu Virian doesn't spook that easily. And neither do you. Still, watch your arse around shadows for awhile. Just in case."

At the top level of St. Delyn Canton:

We keep managing to find each another, don't we, hero? Deshaan, Eastmarch, the Gold Coast. Even here in Vvardenfell. Gods, it feels like I've known you forever!

It hasn't been that long. "Do I need to remind you about all the things you helped me accomplish? We stopped a plague in Deshaan. We helped Almalexia in Mournhold. We saved the king of the Nords. We even stopped a killer that turned delicious pastries into a weapon!"
And we saved the Redoran councilors here in Vvardenfell. "That's one I won't soon forget. Poor Veya. I was her mentor. I should have seen what was happening to her early enough to help. But I wanted to ask you something. Why do you keep showing up and sticking your beautiful nose in my business?
Because your beautiful nose needed the help. "You think my nose is beautiful? Hero, you're going to make me blush! Look, I know I've been kind of a tease, but I really do like you. And I appreciate that you've always been there for me. One day, when all the dangers have passed, well..."
Yes? "Do I really have to spell it out? When I'm ready, when you're ready, we'll find a quiet cabin in the woods, open an expansive bottle of wine, snuggle up by the fire.... And then I'll probably stick a dagger between your ribs. It's who I am, hero."
Probaby just a coincidence. "Ha! I suppose that makes as much sense as anything. Keep doing what you're doing then, hero. You haven't disappointed me yet. Just don't let that strict sense of duty get you killed one of these days. If you died, I'd probably miss you terribly."


Show: A Cordial Collaboration

Naryu Virian: "Wake, wake, my darling. You can sleep when you're dead—which will be sooner than you think."
Dathus Ildram: "What? Who are you? What are you doing in my room?"
Naryu Virian: "A better question would be, "Are you here to kill me?""
Dathus Ildram: "Guards! Guards!"
Naryu Virian: "The answer, of course, is most definitely, "Yes.""
Naryu Virian: "And that saves me the trouble of alerting the castle's defenders."

Show: The Sweetroll Killer

Naryu Virian is first met in a home in Kvatch, and has brief dialogue with Razum-dar:

Naryu Virian: "You really shouldn't break into a house that someone has already broken into. Where's your sense of honor, Razum-dar?" Razum-Dar: "Ah, of course! The Beautiful Darkness! Wait, is Naryu the Sweetroll Killer? Raz would be sad to have to kill you now." Naryu Virian: "Well, I am a killer, but I'm not the killer. And what's that one doing here? This has nothing to do with the Brotherhood …." Razum-Dar: "Um, Raz is confused. You better talk to Naryu so we can figure out what's going on here."

Meeting with them in Anvil:

Naryu Virian: "If you stare at that statue any harder, Raz, your eyes will pop right out of your head."
Razum-Dar: "Raz is just admiring the beautiful mermaid. It's so … large. And shapely!"
Naryu Virian: "Is the cat always like this?"
Yrmia: "Actually, this is one of Raz's good days."

At Louna's Farmhouse, Naryu Virian and Razum-dar have short dialogue:

Razum-Dar: "Raz thinks this place is too quiet. Good spot for an ambush, yes?"
Naryu Virian: "Oh, I certainly hope so! I could use a good fight right about now."
Razum-Dar: "You send very mixed messages, Naryu. One moment you're flirting, the next you're stabbing. It's very confusing."
Naryu Virian: "That's only because you assume the two are different, Razum dear."

After choosing to spare Louna:

Louna: "The Fate-Bearers will deal with the destinies of others. Your charges are safe, for now."
Naryu Virian: "We're just going to let a killer walk away? Are you serious?"
Razum-Dar: "If it buys these people time, it is for the best. Remember, this helps you as well, Naryu."
Naryu Virian: "If the killer is dead, everyone benefits. We don't even know if we can trust her!"
Razum-Dar: "Raz will watch and make sure she leaves the Gold Coast. Then we can meet at the enchanter's shop, yes?"


Show: A Cordial Collaboration
  • "I'll wait here while you sneak into the room upstairs. Just open the secret passage and I'll take care of the rest." – After talking to her for the first time
  • "Do me a favor, hero, and make sure someone notices you on your way out." – After completing her contract
  • "Always a pleasure watching you work, hero. You never notice, but I come around to check on you from time to time. What can I say? You intrigue me. And one of these nights, I'll sneak into your room, and - oh, purely for a social visit, I assure you!" – After the quest
Show: The Sweetroll Killer
  • "I just want to find out who threatened me, kill them, and go home. Besides, they serve dreadful wine. The cat and I need to have a private conversation. Set some ground rules so we don't kill each other. Then we'll meet you in Anvil." – After speaking with her
  • "Go on and head over to the Gold Coast Trading Company. Find out what Reman hasn't told us about the Sweetroll Killer. We'll meet you at Engra's Hostel when you're done. I swear, I'll be plucking cat fur off my leathers for a month after this job." – After discussing the course of action in Anvil
  • "Damn the Sweetroll Killer! We were able to save all of the targets we knew about—all except for the gardener, Louna. She's disappeared without a trace. I'm beginning to really dislike this soothsaying maniac with the pastry fetish." – In Engra's Hostel, before reporting to Razum-dar and if all targets were saved
  • "Now I know what my contracts must feel like, having a constant target floating above their heads. I heard what you told Raz. Let's get to that farm and put an end to the Sweetroll Killer." – In Engra's Hostel, after reporting to Razum-dar
  • "What are we waiting for? Let's find the killer and end this!" – If spoken to before with investigating the farmhouse with Razum-dar
  • "Don't let her talk her way out of this. Only one of us is leaving this building alive, and it isn't Louna." – After the fight with the Fate-Bearers, before speaking with Louna
  • "I know this is hard. Making life and death decisions always is. But if we let her walk away, she'll just come back for us. And more people will die. Do you want that on your head?" – After discussing Louna's fate
  • "You let her live. I thought I knew you better than that. No one was saved today. We just put off the battle for another day. Just go. I need to get back to Vvardenfell, anyway. I've had my fill of this tarnished coast." – If spoken to after sparing Louna's life




  1. Beginning of "A Cordial Collaboration"



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