"I am Naspia Cosma, Cheydinhal's Steward. I offer introductory training with Blades, and may condescend to accept you as a student."
―Naspia Cosma[src]

Naspia Cosma quote

Naspia Cosma is Castle Cheydinhal's Imperial steward, and an apprentice Blade trainer. Naspia is one of the more challenging skill trainers to access, as she spends most of her time in the Cheydinhal Castle Private Quarters, and finding her counts as trespassing.


Cheydinhal: "To be frank, I'd prefer a career in the Arena to this paper-pusher's position."
Rumors: "I can't make up my mind about the Prophet in Anvil. Is he truly a holy man, or just a lunatic exploiting the tragedy at the Chapel of Dibella?"


  • Citizens of Cheydinhal may possibly say that Naspia believes she should fight in the Imperial City Arena instead of be steward.


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