"Aha! More faithful heed the call! You wish to go to Sunspire Temple and pray before Divine Alkosh yourself? Natrada will take you."

Natrada is a Khajiit residing in Rimmen. She can be found just outside the gate with her camel Chumbley proselytizing the return of "Alkosh" to the Sunspire temple, which is actually the dragon Nahviintaas. She offers the Vestige travel there.


Sunspire SummonsEdit



"Aha! More faithful heed the call! You wish to go to Sunspire Temple and pray before Divine Alkosh yourself? Natrada will take you."

Hold on. What's going on at Sunspire Temple? "A wondrous thing! A true miracle! The Dragon King of Cats, Alkosh incarnate, has descended on the temple to lead his stray kin back to the righteous path! Will you heed his call?"
There's a Dragon at your temple? "No, walker, a god! The first of the Divine Litter. Alkosh! Maybe you know him by his other names? Akatosh, Dragon God of Time? Auri-El? All aspects of the First Cat. Have faith, when we reach Sunspire you will see I speak the truth!"
All right [sic] [Do not change this to Alright. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.]. I'll go to Sunspire. "Hop in my cart when you are ready for the journey and I will take you to Priestess Shalani. Though, it would behoove me to depart with a full cart. Perhaps you'd help Natrada gather more faithful? A dozen would do, but she will take you either way."
Can you tell me more about your faith? "You may think Khajiit only worship the Moons and look to the Riddle'Thar for guidance, but there are many gods to whom we pray to [sic] [Do not remove this word. This extra word is how it appears in-game.], or appease. Alkosh is chief among them! First born of the Divine Litters. Through him, all time flows."
So, Alkosh is the most important? "All the Divines have a vital role to play, but you could say Alkosh's is the most important. Without him, time would not flow like a river that we mortals can sail, but sit lifeless or churn like a boiling pot. He keeps us from chaos and stagnation."
And he's at Sunspire Temple now? "Yes! He's come to deliver us from these turbulent times, but don't take it on my word. When you witness this miracle for yourself, all your doubts will fade!"
Who is this Shalani you mentioned? "She is an attendant of the temple who receives the newcomers that this one brings to Alkosh. Natrada is simply a faithful servant, but Shalani can speak for the temple if you have more specific questions."


  • "A Divine lives among us! Come and give thanks to him!"
  • "Your prayers are answered! The Divines have brought salvation!"
  • "Rejoice! Alkosh has come to save us!"
  • "The Dragon King of Cats has come to lead us!"
  • "Behold divinity with your own eyes! Join us in the worship of Alkosh!"


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