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Naughty Gandosa is a Thieves Guild quest given by Aengoth the Jeweler to the Nerevarine, during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Some clients of the Thieves Guild wants some dirt on the councilor-family of the Arobars. Aengoth the Jeweler wants the Nerevarine to steal Boethiah's Pillow Book from Gandosa Arobar, the daughter of the Redoran Councilor Miner Arobar. The presence of this questionable book at the home of the councilor will not cast a positive light on the family.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

The book is across the hall from the bedroom where the Redoran Master Helm was stolen from in the quest before this. The book is in a well locked (75) chest which is also trapped. There are few guards and witnesses, so pulling this off will be hard.

When the job is done, return to Aengoth for a reward of an Amulet of Far Silence and a Chameleon Ring.


  • Amulet of Far Silence
  • Chameleon Ring


Naughty Gandosa
IDJournal Entry
10Aengoth the Jeweler believes that Gandosa Arobar, the daughter of Miner Arobar, has a copy of Boethiah's Pillow Book. Aengoth says that a client wants some dirt on Miner Arobar.
  • Quest accepted
100Aengoth the Jeweler thanked me for bringing him a copy of Boethiah's Pillow Book.
  • Quest complete

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