Not to be confused with Nchuleftingth.
"For the long-lost Dwarves, Nchuleft—don't confuse it with Nchuleftingth!—seems to have been some sort of heavy manufacturing facility. Though millennia have passed, its defenses remain active...and dangerous."
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Nchuleft is a Dwarven ruin located at the edge of the Grazelands on Vvardenfell. Nchuleft was once a Dwemer Freehold Colony, where it hosted a meeting with several Dwemer figures.

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Nchuleft is primarily underground, though the entrance can be found in the wilds of the Grazelands, where the region would meet the Ashlands and the nearby Valley of the Wind. The ruined halls extend into the mountain, with small hallways leading into the large mining tunnel. Nchuleft Depths has a large Dwarven tower, with bridges that spiral down into the other levels. Eventually, the lava bed appears on the ground.


First EraEdit

During Second Planting, Lord Ihlendam visited the city-state of Nchuleft to meet with several figures which included General Rkungthunch and Dalen-Zanchu. According to Bluthanch and her sons, the people of the meeting were talking about a treasonous plot against the Council of Dwarves. Eventually, in the spring, the Dwarven leaders met with each other at the halls of Bamz-Amschend, celebrating with each other. Amidst the party, Ihlendam proclaimed himself to be above everyone, and Bluthanch got angry, challenging him to battle. Fortunately, the less drunk party-goers were able to keep them calm, and everyone left for their respective colonies. Bluthanch eventually invited Ihlendam to a parlay at Hendor-Stardumz, though Ihlendam's people were suspicious. Ihlendam ignored their warnings and was killed in Chinzinch Pass. People blamed Bluthanch's sons with the death of Ihlendam. The Lord was later buried in Leftunch.[1]

Second EraEdit

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During the Interregnum in 2E 583, the Red Exiles utilized Nchuleft as a redoubt when they drove out the Zainab Tribe from Nchuleft. Barilzar, a former member of the Clockwork Apostles was seeking out a manual clockwork shaft in the ruins of Nchuleft, which was need to build his Tonal Inverter. Barilzar hired Leona Blasio to find the item at Nchuleft, but she was unable to find it. With no one left, Barilzar tasked an Outlander with finding the various items for the Inverter, so they traveled to Nchuleft and found it. With the necessary components, Barilzar was able to build the Tonal Inverter. At one point, the Zainab Tribe needed the Dwarven scraps of Nchuleft, so they called upon the Ordinators at the Hall of Justice in Vivec City to drive them out. The Red Exiles were eventually driven out from Nchuleft.[2][3]




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