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Nchunak was a notable Dwemer. Nchunak believed in the theories of Kagrenac, that the Dwemer race should have the power of immortality by the use of the Heart of Lorkhan and the Numidium. He traveled among the many colonies of the Dwemer empire to teach the theories of Kagrenac.[1]


Traveling to KherakhahEdit

At unknown time, Nchunak traveled to the city of Kherakah. The city of Kherakah "taught the precepts" of Kagrenac, where the people believed in the teachings and ideas of Kagrenac and the Tonal Architects. When Nchunak was at Kherakah, he learned that the people were still studying the concepts of Kagrenac, yet interested in learning them. He also learned that he was the only one who could teach the ideas of Kagrenac and lead the people to enlightenment. He took this as a great compliment, and gave thanks and left with an infinity of bows.[1]


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