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== Necromancer Altar Locations ==
== Necromancer Altar Locations ==
*[[Fort Istirius]] - active on Middas
*[[Fort Istirius]] - active on Morndas
*[[Fort Linchal]] - active on Sundas
*[[Fort Linchal]] - active on Sundas
*[[Dark Fissure]] - active on Fredas
*[[Dark Fissure]] - active on Fredas

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A Necromancer Altar is required to convert a Grand Soul Gem into a Black Soul Gem. They can only be used once a week on a certain night of the week. On the night one can be used, it will have a purple beam of light shooting upward into the sky (see screenshot). This beam of light is more noticible further away from the altar; if you are standing directly in front of the altar, it is easy to miss.

Using a Necromancer Altar

To use a Necromancer Altar, put the empty Grand Soul Gems you want to convert into the altar on a night when the altar is active. Close the altar and cast a Soul Trap spell on the altar to convert one of the Grand Soul Gems into a Black Soul Gem. This process is repeatable - cast Soul Trap as many times as you have Grand Soul Gems to convert. (See screenshots for the before and after)

Necromancer Altar Locations

Azura's Star does not succesfully turn into a black soul gem.

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