"I don't think I've seen you in Caldera before, stranger. Can I help you? Are you looking for services, because I can tell you where they are."

Nedhelas is a Bosmer Commoner living in Caldera, Morrowind. He is often disturbed by the Ghost of Galos Heleran that resides with him and is assisted by the Imperial Cult which enlists the Nerevarine to help him get rid of it.


The HauntingEdit

Nedhelas lives in an haunted house and asks the Imperial Cult for help. Once the Nerevarine arrives and speaks to him, he will give them his key to his trap door. Once the Ghost of Galos Heleran within is defeated, he will thank the Nerevarine.


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The Haunting

"Yes. I'm the one with the haunted house. The Imperial cult said they'd send someone to take care of the ghost. I suspect it has to do with the trap door. The landlord told me not to fool with it, but he didn't say why -- although now I can guess. The landlord gave me a key -- here. Please, let me know when the ghost's gone. I haven't had a good night's sleep in weeks."

Haunted House "I'm renting the house, and when I rented it, the landlord told me I couldn't use the cellar. Now I know why. Ever since I moved in, I've had bad dreams, and now this ghost appears, scares me half to death, and chases me out of the house whenever I try to sleep. It's driving me crazy."
Trap Door "I haven't opened it. My landlord told me not to. And now I'm scared to open it."

If approached again:

"Please, let me know when the ghost's gone. I haven't had a good night's sleep in weeks."

After defeating the ghost:

"Bless the Nine! And you! Thank you for ridding me of that ghost. Since it's not a haunted house any more, now maybe I can get some sleep. And don't worry about the trap door. I'll just leave it alone. Completely alone. My thanks to you. And to the Imperial cult."

Haunted House "Yes, you told me. It's not haunted any more, and I thank you."
Trap Door "I'm not going to fool with it. Let it stay closed. I don't need the cellar."

If approached again:

"Thank you again for ridding me of that ghost. I really appreciate it."


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