Neminda is a Redguard drillmaster and member of House Redoran who can be found in the Redoran Council Entrance in the city of Ald'ruhn. She is a quest giver for House Redoran.



Nileno Dorvayn has requested that the Nerevarine disguise oneself as the deceased Redoran Felsen Sethandus. While disguised they should retrieve a package from Neminda in Ald'ruhn by using the code phrase "Orphan of Arnesia."

Mudcrab PestsEdit

Neminda has requested to speak with Drulene Falen. Mudcrabs have been bothering Drulene's guar.

Deliver Cure Disease PotionEdit

Neminda requests the Nerevarine deliver a Potion of Cure Disease to Theldyn Virith in Ald Velothi.

Find Mathis DalobarEdit

Mathis Dalobar the trader has gone missing. He was last seen heading towards Maar Gan.

Founder's HelmEdit

Neminda has mentioned that Alvis Teri stole a Founder's Helm. He is at the Eight Plates in Balmora. Recovering the helm is a priority, but one must not shame House Redoran by murdering him.

Trouble with BanditsEdit

Speak with Drulene Falen again. The guar herders are having trouble with bandits.

Guard Sarethi ManorEdit

The Nerevarine is requested to guard Sarethi Manor.


Show: Disguise

"What can I do for you?"

Orphan of Arnesia "Oh, certainly Felsen, here are your orders. They are in code, of course. Deliver them to Maar Gan as usual."

If not wearing the helm:

"Who are you? Wait! That's Felsen's helm!"

Show: Joining House Redoran

"I am Neminda, Drillmaster and Recruiter. If you wish to join House Redoran, you have come to the right place."

join House Redoran "Are you sure you want to join House Redoran? Remember that you cannot join any other Great Houses once you have made an oath to us."
Yes, I want to join. "So be it. You are now Hireling Nerevarine (Player name) in House Redoran. I will inform our trainers. Make use of them. If you truly wish to serve House Redoran, I can give you duties to perform. You may also check with me for advancement."
Hear the rules of House Redoran. "Do not steal from your kin, strike your kin unprovoked, or murder your kin. Do not break your word. Honor your superiors and do your duty to your House. Respect the teachings of the Tribunal. Defend your House, your People, and your Honor. If you fail in these things, you will be cast out. If you fail twice, you will be cast out with no chance of regaining your honor."
Join House Redoran. "
Nevermind. "Then what can I do for you?"
House Redoran "The Redoran councilors have entrusted me with the responsibility of examining those who wish to serve our House. Do you wish to join House Redoran?"
Redoran councilors "The Redoran councilors are among the most distinguished and honorable Dunmer in Morrowind. Here. Perhaps you'd like to review a recent edition of the Red Book of Great House Redoran. It lists the current Redoran councilors and their residences."
Redoran councilors "Perhaps if you consult the recent edition of the Red Book of Great House Redoran, you'll note that it lists the current Redoran councilors and their residences."
background "My father was a Legionnaire stationed in Ebonheart. When my mother died, I was sent to live with my Uncle, but we didn't get along. I made my way here, and lived with my father for three years until he was killed by the Telvanni. He and Athyn Sarethi were friends, so I was adopted in a sense. I don't miss Hammerfell. I'm working for a just cause. I serve with some of the best warriors in Tamriel. And the Ashlands can have a peculiar beauty..."
Show: Mudcrab Pests

"Yes, Nerevarine (Player name)? Are you ready for more duties?"

duties "Drulene Falen has asked for our help. She says her guar herds have been having trouble with hostile mudcrabs."
Drulene Falen "To get to Drulene's herd, leave west out of Ald'ruhn and take the road towards Gnisis. When you go into the hills, take the left fork to the southwest. Take the right path at the next fork and you should see her guar straight ahead."
hostile mudcrabs "Go talk to Drulene Falen. Her guar herd is due west of here, just over the hills. She can tell you more about her mudcrab problem."
mudcrab "Of course, as an outlander like myself you must know very little about mudcrabs. They are small creatures with a hard shell. They live mostly along the coast and they're usually not aggressive... but if they ever get the taste of meat, they become hunters. Some naturalists believe they are related to the Emperor Crab."
Emperor Crab "This whole area was carved out of the shell of an Emperor Crab. They've all been dead since long before you and I were born."

After killing the mudcrabs:

"Have you taken care of those hostile mudcrabs?"

hostile mudcrabs "You've killed the mudcrabs for Drulene Falen? Good work, Nerevarine (Player name). Speak with me again when you are ready for more duties."
hostile mudcrabs "You took care of the hostile mudcrabs, Nerevarine (Player name)."
Show: Deliver Cure Disease Potion

"Yes, Nerevarine (Player name)? Are you ready for more duties?"

duties "I need someone to deliver a Cure Disease Potion."
Cure Disease potion "Here. Take this Cure Disease Potion to Theldyn Virith in Ald Velothi. While you're there, ask if there's anything he needs done."
Cure Disease potion "I've already given you the potion. Just deliver it to Tholdyn Virith in Ald Velothi."
Theldyn Virith "He has no official title. He represents House Redoran interests in Ald Velothi and helps keep the peace."
Ald Velothi "It's a long walk. I'd suggest taking the Silt Strider to Gnisis and making the journey from there. Ald Velothi is directly north of Gnisis."

After delivering the potion:

"Did you deliver the Cure Disease Potion to Theldyn Virith?"

Cure Disease potion "Good work, Nerevarine (Player name). I heard you delivered the potion. Just tell me when you're ready for more duties."
Cure Disease potion "You already delivered the Cure Disease potion."
Show: Find Mathis Dalobar

"Yes, Nerevarine (Player name)? Are you ready for more duties?"

duties "A Redoran trader has gone missing. I need someone to help find Mathis Dalobar."
Mathis Dalobar "Mathis Dalobar is a trader who comes through Ald'ruhn just about every month. He was probably headed towards Maar Gan or Gnisis. Talk to the people in Maar Gan and find out if anyone there knows what happened to him. I'll mark these towns on your map."

After saving Mathis:

"Have you found out what happened to Mathis Dalobar?"

Mathis Dalobar "I heard that Mathis Dalobar made it to Maar Gan with your help. Good work, Nerevarine (Player name). I have more duties for you."
Mathis Dalobar "Mathis Dalobar is doing well last I heard."
Show: Founder's Helm

"Yes, Nerevarine (Player name)? Are you ready for more duties?"

duties "A Hlaau guard stole a Founder's Helm from one of our tombs. Would you be willing to recover this Founder's Helm from the godless Hlaalu?"
Founder's Helm "Alvis Teri stole a Founder's Helm from the Uveran Ancestral Tomb. He boats of this feat at the Eight Plates Inn in Balmora and wears the Helm openly. Confront him and demand the Helm. Slay him if necessary, but do not shame House Redoran by murdering him."
Founder's Helm "Like I said, get the Founder's Helm from Alvis Teri. Do whatever you must to get the helm back, but do not murder Alvis Teri, for that would shame House Redoran."
shame House Redoran "You must not murder Alvis Teri. Threaten him, taunt him, these are allowed. You may even slay him so long as he strikes the first blow. But if you resort to murder, the Hlaalu will brag for years that all Redorans are thugs and murderers."

After retrieving the Helm:

"Did you get the Founder's Helm?"

Founder's Helm "Good work, Nerevarine (Player name). You have recovered the Founder's Helm and have not brough shame upon House Redoran. Will you give me the Helm now?"
Yes "Thank you, Nerevarine (Player name). You handled Alvis Teri well and did not shame House Redoran."
Founder's Helm "You have recovered the Founder's Helm."
shame House Redoran "Do not fear. You did not bring shame upon House Redoran."
No "I had higher expectations of you, Nerevarine (Player name). The Founder's Helm does not belong to you."
Show: Trouble with Bandits

"Yes, Nerevarine (Player name)? Are you ready for more duties?"

duties "Drulene Falen needs help with her guar herds again. Sounds like trouble with bandits."
trouble with bandits "It happens, especially further from the law. Usually the bandits are outcast Ashlanders. Go talk to Drulene Falen again. She might be able to tell you where the bandits are."

After defeating the bandits:

"Is Drulene Falen still having trouble with bandits?"

trouble with bandits "Good work, Nerevarine (Player name). I have more duties for you. One of the councilors has been threatened."
trouble with bandits "You handled the bandits well, Nerevarine (Player name)."
Show: Guard Sarethi Manor

"Yes, Nerevarine (Player name)? Are you ready for more duties?"

duties "Serjo Athyn Sarethi, a councilor of House Redoran, believes his life is in danger. He is in Sarethi Manor under Skar. I need someone to guard Athyn Sarethi."
Athyn Sarethi "Quickly. Go to Sarethi Manor. From here it is the second door to your right after you get back to Skar. Stay there until Athyn Sarethi gives you other orders or until more guards arrive."

If approached again:

"Quickly, Nerevarine (Player name). You must guard Athyn Sarethi."

After defending Athyn Sarethi:

"I heard there was an attack... Is Athyn Sarethi safe?"

Athyn Sarethi "I hope Athyn is okay. He and my father were close friends, and the Sarethi family has had enough trouble recently. Guard duties pays in drakes, Nerevarine (Player name). It's not much, but perhaps you can put it to good use."
Athyn Sarethi "He is a good man and was a close friend of my father. You will find no better sponsor in all of House Redoran."

If approached again:

"I don't have any more duties for you, Nerevarine (Player name). What brings you here?"

Advancement "You should speak with Councilor Athyn Sarethi. I cannot advance you to the rank of House Cousin."
duties "I don't have any more duties for you. If you want to advance in House Redoran, you will need one of the Councilors to sponsor you. Talk to each of them, and see if any are willing to sponsor an outlander. You might also want to speak with Faral Retheran in Vivec. She may have more duties for you as well."


  • "You are a fraud. You hide behind the false prophecies of the 'Incarnate' and the 'Nerevarine,' but Berel Sala, Captain of the watch, says you are an agent in the pay of the Imperial Intelligence Service. You are an outlaw without honor, and cannot hope to be admitted to House Redoran. Go away." –If asked to join House Redoran during Redoran Hortator


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