"When active, Dwemer spiders have an extraordinary capacity for learning. Now I have to stop Andrilion from teaching Clanker to bring him drinks."

Neramo is an Altmer researcher who is in an expert in studying Dwarven technology. He is found near the docks of Port Hunding on Stros M'Kai when the Vestige meets him the first time. He talks about a brother, who possibly is Rulorn, another Altmer in Stros M'kai with the same ambition of learning Dwemer technology.

Neramo is one of three characters that Captain Kaleen requests to help her on a heist she has planned. Neramo wishes for help in exploring the nearby Dwemer ruin, Bthzark.

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Daggerfall Covenant quests[edit | edit source]

Buried Secrets[edit | edit source]

To gain the favor of Neramo, he needs to access Bthzark, which can be done by configuring two crystals around the entrance. Once within the ruin, he will lend a mechanical spider of Dwemer origin which will require the use of a control rod. The spider will then fix the generators that lay dormant within the ruin, which will then consist of navigating through the ruin alongside Dwemer traps and contraptions to be able to find the technology that Neramo wants.

Once Neramo learns of Kaleen's motives in sailing to Betnikh, he considers the offer as he deems it as mutually beneficial for both the crew and himself due to the technology at Betnikh.

Tip of the Spearhead[edit | edit source]

Now that the Vestige have recruited at least one of the people Kaleen wanted, we can pull off her heist whenever ready. The goal is to break into Headman Bhosek's palace and steal the shipping logs from his lockbox.

Neramo can later be found on a ship in Wayrest Docks along with several of Kaleen's crew. If the Vestige interact with him, they'll know what he's been up to since leaving Betnikh and Stros M'Kai.

Tormented Souls[edit | edit source]


Wrothgar quests[edit | edit source]

Quarry Conundrum[edit | edit source]

Neramo had helped the Orcs of the Tumnosh Clan to increase the production of the Graystone Quarry. However he did not let them know, that under their quarry Dwemer ruin of Mzindyne can be found.

After the Orsimer workers had unearthed the caverns they were surprised by the rising fog and ambushed my the swarming Dwemer automatons. Neramo managed to keep himself and Shabon alive, later leaving her in a safe location in the Graystone Quarry Depths to explore the site further.

Upset by the lost Orsimer lives, Neramo was even more eager to find anything valuable in this ruin. When Vestige meets Neramo, he suggests that the outer defenses of the site could be suppressed by the control station.

Vestige helps Neramo to solve the lock on the automaton control center and Neramo makes sure that the Graystone Quarry can be safely worked in again, but tells Vestige, that he has something else to do in the ruin.

Shortly after Vestige leaves the Graystone Quarry Depths, Neramo emerges with a small army of automatons, that he was able to gain control of with the help of his knowledge and the control center.

It is possible that Vestige persuaded the Orcs to keep the automatons as workers, for all the lost lives in the quarry.

The Heart's Desire[edit | edit source]


Clockwork City quests[edit | edit source]

In Search of a Sponsor[edit | edit source]

Neramo made his way to Mournhold, who took the opportunity to enter the cave entrance to the Clockwork City when it was suddenly opened. Meeting the Vestige at the entrance of the Brass Fortress, he wishes to gain a sponsor from one of the Apostles to gain citizenship.

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Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Show: Buried Secrets

"Miraculous. To think the Dwemer of old Volenfell settled as far as Stros M'Kai! My brother and I have scoured the ruin's exterior for some time now, but we have never been able to get inside."

Why do you want to get inside? "An excellent suggestion. I believe this automaton can unseal the door, if it can be controlled. I have its control rod but two focusing crystals seem to be missing. They are nearby but the local creatures dissuade me from claiming them."
I'll find them. "With the focusing crystals in hand, I can complete this control rod and safely reactivate the automaton. While you recover the crystals, I'll make the proper adjustments to the construct."
What can you tell me about the Dwemer? "Some call them Dwarves—a race of brilliant artisans and metalworkers who possessed great ingenuity. They built vast underground cities filled with remarkable inventions. Now such works are all that remain of the Dwemer."
What happened to them? "None can say for sure. Some believe they achieved divinity. Others claim they were consumed by some folly of their own. Perhaps both are true. But long ago they vanished, the entire race, leaving little but their marvelous treasures behind."
Treasures? "Dim the gleam of avarice I see in your eyes. The treasure I seek is knowledge, worthless to any but a scholar. Those who help me acquire this can expect to be well—rewarded, however."

Inside Bthzark, after collecting the crystals:

"I've reassembled the spider, but I must be able to control it. That reminds me -did you find the crystals?"

Yes, I have them right here. "Splendid. Now I just insert them into the rod like so. By the way, I hope you can destroy this mechanism if it attacks us."

After observing Neramo's experiment with the spider and entering Bthzark:

"As you see, Headman Bhosek's trust in my skills was not misplaced. Nor was my faith in your prowess. Will you assist me on another task?"

What do you need? "Despite the age of these ruins, I suspect the usual defenses are in place. As I am averse to danger, would you explore the ruins to locate any Dwemer generators inside?"
Generator? What's a generator? "Oh. I suppose I'm the only one who calls them that. "Independently Apportioning Dynamo Core" is a mouthful, but the Dwemer built them to last for generations. I say "generators" to honor their enduring nature."
All right. Tell me what I need to do. "This control rod will keep our new friend loyal to you. I suspect the generators have been damaged over the years. You'll need to escort the spider to each and bid it to repair them."

After repairing the generators:

"Excellent work. Bthzark breathes again! Now for a personal project. How would you like to earn a little more coin?

I'm listening. "As you see, we are not the first to enter Bthzark. In truth, I accepted Bhosek's request to explore these ruins only because they contain something I want, something I believe others died trying to obtain.
What's that? "Knowledge is the greatest treasure. The Dwemer guarded their secrets as a king protects his gold. In Bthzark, the Dwemer hid a set of schematics, mechanical drawings that I greatly desire to possess."
And you need my help to find them. "An easy task. Those earlier explorers likely retrieved them, only to find themselves sealed inside Bthzark through some treachery. Their misfortune is my -our -gain. We must find where they perished."
Fine. Let's go. "There may be more constructs waiting on the other side of this door. You fo first."

After finding the schematics:

"Ah, there you are! I was just coming to, er, help you. I hope you found what we were looking for."

As promised, I have your drawings. "The schematics are mine at last! Splendid. This places me in your debt. What would you ask of me in return?"
Help Captain Kaleen with the heist she's planning. "I hear Kaleen intends to head toward the isle of Betnikh. The ruins there greatly interest me. But first, I will assist you in this heist."
Show: Tip of the Spearhead

"Oh. Yes, hello. This is fascinating. Did you know the Dwemer had devices to rapidly mince fruit?"

Neramo, can you help me get to Bhosek's lockbox? "I can offer help with the guard, perhaps. You wish to deal with him quietly, correct?"
What's your idea? "I removed this device from Clanker. When pressed, it produces quite the incapacitating shock. If you would test it for me, preferably on a living subject, I would be grateful."
I'll take it. Thanks, Neramo. "Let me know if there are any lingering effects. Twitching, mainly. I'm quite curious about the twitching. Do be careful where you store that rod. The trigger is sensitive. Were it to discharge prematurely, the results could be dramatic."
That sounds dangerous. I'll handle the guard my way. "[?]"
Show: Tormented Souls

"Ahh, my old friend! I couldn't resist another exploration. Be mindful, this one may be a touch more dangerous. Foul necromancy is at work here."

I heard you where here. What's going on? "The mysteries of Nirn span beyond the Dwemer. The Ayleids fascinate me in equal measure. I had to see this place for myself. The more vexing mystery at present, however, lies with these Orc spirits."
The spirits? "Even you must have noticed the ghostly figures in the field. This is no ordinary haunting. Something brought them back and binds them here. I suspect the answer is in their catacombs."
Perhaps we should Investigate. "Indeed you should. The ruin is sealed magically, but it is a minor challenge. I shall unseal the door for you and await your return. My research is best done safely."
I'm ready.
Show: Wayrest [?]
Show: Quarry Conundrum

"Ah, what a surprise! Bthzark! Seems like we explored that place only yesterday! You do remember? Stros M'Kai, Dwemer ruins, that adorable animuculus Clanker? Those were good times. But now, to business!"

You're the High Elf working with the Orcs? "Ah! So you've met them. I really do feel awful about what to happened. I offered my help because I suspected that the ruins of Mzindyne were down here, but I never expected such powerful defenses. This place is remarkable!"
What have you been up to since Stros M'Kai? "Ah, the Bthzark ruins! That was an adventure! Since then, I've been traveling, exploring. But it's good to see you again! And I could really use your help. The ruin's defenses are some of the most powerful Dwemer apparatuses I've ever encountered."
Defenses? You mean the constructs? "Yes, but I was referring to the fog. It was a most curious thing. As soon as we unearthed the door to this place, a heavy fog set in and the Dwemer spiders swarmed us. I know how to handle Dwarven constructs. The Orcs, sadly, do not."
Do you have a plan for dealing with the constructs? "My control rod can only handle a few constructs at a time. The scale of this place is well beyond its capabilities. There may be an alternative, however. If we can find the construct control center, we may be able to take command of the contructs."
I'll look for the control center.

After finding the control center:

"Our paths cross again, thank the Eight! It's amazing how often good research leads to remarkable discoveries. Since we parted, I have come to the conclusion that this is an automated quarry. Like the Orc pit above, only much more sophisticated."

So you were helping the Orcs work their quarry? "We had a mutually beneficial arrangement. I taught them techniques for excavating the quarry more efficiently, while they removed the stone that was blocking the entrance to this ruin."
Did the Orcs know they were helping you excavate a Dwemer ruin? "Wem, well, no. But they never would have gone along with it otherwise! And they would have found it eventually, right? The fact is I had no idea that the Dwemer sonctruct would be so ... excitable."
You know the Orcs are not happy with you, right? "I suspect as much. I did my best to help them, but there was so much confusion ... If I can take control of the defenses and give the Orcs their quarry back, maybe that will make up for my negligence. And maybe they won't kill me."
How did you get past the Dwemer machines? "The control rod that I made back in Stros M'Kai. I can't command the constructs, but they don't' attack me. Alas, the Orcs weren't so lucky."
That's an impressive-looking machine behind you. "Isn't it, though? That's what we in the business call a remarkably well-preserved "Orb of Illumination. I believe this Dwarven device may contain the key that allows us to bring Mzindyne's defenses under our control."
How does an Orb of Illumination work? "Think of the device as a gigantic combination lock. These emitters shine light upward toward the various lenses attached to the rings. If you rotate the lenses to a specific orientation, the device should unlock."
How do we know what the correct orientation is? "Trial and error, like any other scientific endeavor. But be sure to keenly observe every rotation of the rings. That's the key to our success! We can manipulate the three kinetic resonators to adjust the lenses and rotate the rings. Follow me!"

After solving the puzzle and unlocking the control mechanism:

"Fascinating! I never imagined the control mechanism would fit inside so small a space! It will take me some time to master this device, but with it it'm sure I can suppress the outer defenses and return the quarry to a relatively safe state."

So I can tell the Orcs they can reopen the exterior quarry now? "Oh, yes, it's perfectly safe to work the quarry again. And, please, give the Orcs my deepest and most sincere apology regarding these ... unfortunate circumstances."
Aren't you coming with me? "I ... I have something I want to try first. Something that will help repay the Orcs for my ... indiscretion."
What are you planning? "If I can make a few adjustments, I want to offer the constructs to the Orcs. I'm sure they'll make excellent workers! I'll join up above shortly."

After coming out of the Graystone Quarry Depths, in reference to Forge-Wife Kharza:

"She is being irrational, but I'd rather no press the issue if it's all the same to you. Orcs have a tendency to fly off the handle at the least provocation. Please, talk some sense into her."

How did you get the Dwarven constructs to leave the ruins? "Dwemer constructs only deactivate when they leave their ruins as a security measure. With extremely rare tools and highly specialized knowledge, I gave these constructs new instructions that override those constraints. Remarkable, I know."
What are you planning to do with those things? "My first thought was to offer them to one of the alliances as an army, but I don't have nearly enough for that. Then I figured to give them to the Orcs, as a way to make up for the trouble I caused here. I'm sure they'll make excellent workers!"
Whatever happened to Clanker? "My, you do have a good memory! I kept poor Clanker going for as long as I could, but he eventually ran out of energy and puttered away. Bless his little soul gem."

If Vestige persuades Orcs to keep the automatons:

"That was an admirable display of logic. I'm glad we can make the best of this unfortunate situation. The constructs will increase production in the quarry hundredfold!"

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