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Nerano Manor is a location in Balmora in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The mansion consists of three floors and belongs to Ondres Nerano. The first floor is the largest, there are seven tables and three shelves, filled with various items, as well as some barrels and sacks. Ondres Nerano can be found here. On the second floor, there is a bookshelf filled with books. There are also two doors on this floor, one (Lock Level 60) leading outside to mansion's balcony, and another (Lock Level 25) leading to the third floor and bedroom. A Key to Nerano Manor can be used to open both doors. Inside the third floor bedroom there are containers filled with various kinds of clothing, as well as a bed.

If Ondres dies, Nerano Manor is one of several locations in Balmora that the Nerevarine can use as a home. There are a number of containers, tables and shelves to place items, as well as a bedroom upstairs.


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First Floor
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