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Nerano Manor Key is a Thieves Guild quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind given by Sugar-Lips Habasi inside South Wall Cornerclub in Balmora.


Sugar-Lips Habasi wants the key to Nerano Manor and asks the Nerevarine to acquire it for her. The ground entrance to the house is always unlocked, as she claims, but she wants to enter unseen on the locked first floor.

She tells the Nerevarine that the house owner, Ondres Nerano, and his servant, Sovor Trandel, hold one example of the key apiece, and leaves the decision of how to get in possession of one of them to the Nerevarine.


  1. Talk to Sugar-Lips Habasi.
  2. There are multiple ways of obtaining the key to the manor:
    • Pickpocket it from Ondres or Sovor.
    • Persuade Sovor to 70 Disposition. Then, he will ask for a little compensation and give the key, if the Nerevarine bribes enough.
    • Kill Ondres, preferably with Hand-to-Hand, or Sovor. However, the reward will be less if Ondres or Sovor are killed to obtain the key.
  3. Optional: Bring the key to Nerano for a reward of 10Gold. Get the key back again.
  4. Return to Sugar-Lips Habasi.


There are two copies of the Nerano Manor Key, one held by Ondres Nerano in the manor itself, and another by his servant Sovor Trandel, who is found inside the Council Club in Balmora. The Nerevarine can attempt to pickpocket the key from either of them. They could also choose to fight either of them and loot the key from the body. A third possibility is raising Sondor's disposition until he is willing to give the Nerevarine his key for a little "compensation."

Normally, the Nerevarine would now return to Sugar-Lips Habasi. However, they could also tell Ondres that Sovor gave away his copy of the key, and give it to him. Ondres will reward the Nerevarine with some gold. However, if the Nerevarine returns to Sugar-Lips Habasi and tells her that they acquired the key but then decided to give it back to his owner, she will be uncomprehending, asking them why they would do such a thing. She will send the Nerevarine to get the key back.

Once the Nerevarine returns to Sugar-Lips with the key, she will reward them with 500Gold, unless Ondres or Sovor got killed in the process of acquiring the key.


  • 500Gold
  • Extra 10Gold if the Nerevarine brings the key to Ondres Nerano.


Journal Entry
Sugar-Lips Habasi asked me to bring her the key to the top floor of the Nerano Manor here in Balmora. Ondres Nerano certainly has a key, but it may be easier to get the key from one of his servants, such as Sovor Trandel at the Balmora Council Club.
  • Quest accepted
Sovor Trandel has suggested that, for a little "compensation," he'd be willing to help me out.
I convinced Sovor Trandel to give me the key to Nerano Manor.
Optional: I told Ondres Nerano that Sovor Trandel gave me a key to his manor. Ondres Nerano gave me 10 gold as a reward.
Sugar-Lips Habasi thanked me for bringing her the key to Nerano Manor.
  • Quest completed