Nerastarel's House is a derelict house in Skingrad, next door to Summitmist Manor. Its owner, Nerastarel, does not live here and no explanation is given to their absence.


The front door is guarded by a hard lock, which may make it difficult to gain entrance. In contrast, the backdoor uses only an easy lock.

Its only residents consists of two Dread Zombies, a Skeleton, a Ghost, two Wraiths, and potentially a Lich depending on the Hero's level.

There is a small chest in the top room on top of the large entrance. By using the boxes next to the entrance to get up, a locked jewelry box can be found.


  • At level 20+ in the PS3 & PC GOTY version, the back door to this house has an Average lock, the upstairs door lock has a Hard lock, and the jewelry box has a Very Hard lock as well. Aside from a guaranteed leveled jewelry item, there is a 50% chance of there being another leveled jewelry item, a 10% chance of finding a leveled enchanted jewelry item, and a 10% chance of receiving a potion.


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