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Nereids are sea spirits native to the province of Valenwood. Three Nereid sisters, Sister of Floods, Sister of Rain, and Sister of Waves, occupy the Arx Corinium in Shadowfen. The Vestige helps these Nereids rid their home of lamia and other creatures.

The Rain Disciples is a faction of people located at Halcyon Lake, of which Lorelia is a part.


  • Frost Bolt: basic ranged frost attack
  • Water Geyser: moderate frost damage that appears underneath player, should be dodged
  • Hurricane: moderate frost damage around itself in red doughnut area, can be interrupted


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  • Queen Ayrenn is said to have once danced with Nereids in Ilessan Hills.[1]
  • Nereids are most likely based on the creatures of the same name from Greek mythology.
  • The contraband items, "Nereid's Wisp Lantern" (Lights/Tools); and "Lucky Nereid's Foot" (Objects and Oddities), both mention Nereids.[2]


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  •  PC   360   PS3   Sometimes, the Nereids in the Arx Corinium speak German in the English version of The Elder Scrolls Online. However, they do not speak English in the German version of Online.



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