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"You are the Nerevarine. You are the Chosen. You can't fail."
―Ghosts of failed Nerevarines to the Nerevarine.[src]

The Nerevarine, also known as the Protector of Morrowind,[1] is the reincarnation of Indoril Nerevar as well as the player character and protagonist of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, and its expansions Bloodmoon and Tribunal.


"You want to chide me... why did I murder Nerevar? Why did I break my oath to Azura not to use Kagrenac's tools?"

In the aftermath of the Battle of Red Mountain, either as punishment for using Kagrenac's Tools or for killing Nerevar,[2][3] Azura proclaimed that Nerevar would return to punish them and right the Tribunal's wrongs.

Over time the Tribunal Temple persecuted those who believed that Nerevar would return, and knowledge of what the Tribunal had done and pre-Tribunal worship dwindled.[3] Despite this, several Ashlanders continued to believe in Nerevar's return despite opposition from the Temple. Several people appeared claiming to be the Nerevarine, but none fulfilled the Nerevarine Prophecy.[4]

In 3E 427 the Nerevarine, a prisoner born to uncertain parents under a certain sign, was sent by Uriel Septim VII to Morrowind, and arrived in the port town of Seyda Neen.[5] This was done to set the prisoner up as a member of the Blades, and fulfill the Nerevarine prophecies in such a way as to benefit the Empire.[6]

Events of Morrowind[]

"This is where you get off. Come with me."
―Imperial Guard[src]

On arrival in Seyda Neen, the prisoner is ordered to deliver a coded package to Caius Cosades, which contains information about their role and identity.[6] The Nerevarine is then tasked with finding information about the Nerevarine Cult, the Sixth House and the Dissident Priests, all of which provide information about the Nerevarine.[5]

During the course of this, the prisoner meets with the Urshilaku Ashlanders, who provide them with a series of tests which allow the prisoner to become the Nerevarine.[5]

The trials which the Nerevarine has to pass are as follows:

  • On a certain day to uncertain parents Incarnate moon and star reborn.[7] This relates to the Nerevarine's birth on a certain day to uncertain parents, and is fulfilled by virtue of the character's birth.[8]
  • Neither blight nor age can harm him. The Curse-of-Flesh before him flies.[7] During the course of their travels, the Nerevarine meets Dagoth Gares, who curses them with corprus disease.[5] Divayth Fyr then removes the symptoms of the disease, although the Nerevarine still has the disease, which renders them ageless.[9]
  • In caverns dark Azura's eye sees. And makes to shine the moon and star.[7] At Sul-Matuul's bidding, the Nerevarine travels to the Cavern of the Incarnate and recovers Nerevar's ring.[5]
  • A stranger's voice unites the Houses. Three Halls call him Hortator.[7] In the face of mounting threats from Dagoth Ur, the Nerevarine convinces members of Houses Hlaalu, Redoran and Telvanni to make them hortator, a war leader to fight Dagoth Ur.[5]
  • A stranger's hand unites the Velothi. Four Tribes call him Nerevarine.[7] From the proofs of the previous trials undertaken, the Ahemmusa, Erabenimsun, Urshilaku and Zainab tribes proclaim the prisoner the Nerevarine.[5]
  • He honors blood of the tribe unmourned. He eats their sin, and is reborn.[7] The Nerevarine defeats a variety of enemies from the Sixth House, culminating in raids on their citadels around Red Mountain and defeating Dagoth Ur and his Ash Vampire kin.[10]
  • His mercy frees the cursed false gods, Binds the broken, redeems the mad.[7] During the final battle in Red Mountain, the Nerevarine destroys the Dwemer enchantments on the Heart of Lorkhan, rendering the Tribunal mortal again, before killing Almalexia, who had murdered Sotha Sil.[5][11]

The Bloodmoon[]

At some point during his time on Tamriel the Nerevarine traveled to the frozen wasteland of Solstheim, after having heard rumors of a downtrodden Imperial fort, only to get wrapped up in the chaos of Hircine's Hunt. After Fort Frostmoth is attacked by Werewolves the Nerevarine travels to Skaal Village and fufiles the Bloodskal trails. Being accepted into the clan as a friend the signs of the Bloodmoon prophecy.

  • The Coming of the Hounds, (as sign forwarning of Werewolves on Solstheim.)
  • Fire from the Eye of Glass, (the great Lake Fjalding grows a large inferno atop the ice. Although some say a Draugr Lord was causing the flame)
  • Tide of Woe, (the sign telling of a great Horker Massacre on the coast of Solstheim.)
  • The Bloodmoon, (the final sign depicting Secunda turning blood red.)

At the end of this Hircine in his mortal form battles the Nerevarine who in turn wins and causes Mortrag Glacier, the glacier they were battling in, to collapse and hearing Hircine's voice curse the Nerevarine and pledge that he will walk the land again, alluding to the quest Ill Met by Moonlight in Skyrim.


Following the fulfillment of the prophecies, the Nerevarine vanished.[12] In 3E 433, there are rumors that the Nerevarine has left on an expedition to Akavir, and has not been heard from since their departure.[13]


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