Nevena Ules is a Dunmer noble and a councilor for House Hlaalu, who resides in Ules Manor.

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Show: Hlaalu Hortator

"Well, if you've come all this way, I suppose you can ask a few questions."

Hlaalu Hortator "I think that's some kind of war leader. Why are you interested?"
Ask how a Hortator is chosen. "I don't know. Don't we already have a Hortator? If we don't, maybe we can find one somewhere."
Tell your story and ask to be confirmed as Hortator. "I don't understand at all. What is this about stars and a prophesy? No, don't tell me again. I don't know why you want to be a Hortator. It's all very confusing. Maybe I should talk to the other counselors. And my advisors."
Hortator's duty "A Hortator is a champion who leads by inspiration. He challenges opposing heroes in single combat. He goes on long, desperate quests. He goes alone into the citadels of the enemy. He confronts the dangers no one else in the House is strong enough... or courageous enough... to face."
choose a Hortator "A Hortator is chosen by consensus. Everyone has to agree. A single 'no' is a veto. First a Great House has to choose a Hortator. Then that Hortator has to go persuade the other Great Houses to agree to name him Hortator of their houses, too. A very difficult system. No Great House wants to give the honor to a member of another Great House. But luckily, it's mostly honorary, and doesn't cost a House anything. So it might no be that bad, after all."

If the Nerevarine has a high disposition or is a member of House Hlaalu:

Tell your story and ask to be confirmed as Hortator. "That's a very strange story, with all the stars and prophecies. I'm not sure I understand what you're asking. Maybe you should speak with one of my advisors, Orvas Dren. He owns a plantation in the Ascadian Isles."

Orvas Dren "He's the brother of Duke Vedam Dren and a very wealthy and influential man. He has a netch ranch in the Ascandian Isles."

If Orvas Dren is convinced to make the Nerevarine Hortator:

"I've just heard the news, Nerevarine (Player name). Congratulations on your... negotiations with Orvas Dren. What can I do for one as influential as yourself?"

Hlaalu Hortator "Oh. Oh. Yes. Yes, Ser (Or "Sera" if female) Nerevarine (Player name). The Hortator thing, right? They said, if I knew what was good for me, I would do as you asked. So. You want to be a Hortator? I make you a Hortator. I vote for you. That's all I have to do, right? Once all the councilors agree, make sure you see Crassius Curio."

If Orvas Dren is dead:

Hlaalu Hortator "Oh. Yes. You want to be Hortator. Sure. I think that's a very good idea. You'll be a very special Hortator. Is that okay? Do I need to say anything official? Here. How about... 'In the name of House Hlaalu, I hereby say you are a Hortator. Of this house... House Hlaalu.' I hope that's right. Once all the councilors agree, make sure you see Crassius Curio."

If approached again:

"Yes, I have named you the Hlaalu Hortator. Is there anything else you need?"

Hlaalu Hortator "I have given you my vote, Nerevarine (Player name). There's no need to keep asking me about it. Go talk to the other councilors and get their votes."
Hlaalu Hortator (After gathering all required votes) "Since everyone agrees, you are the Hortator now, right? Hortator of House Hlaalu? I think you should talk with Crassius Curio again. Something about a belt confirming your title?"
Hlaalu Hortator (If Crassius Curio, Dram Bero, or Velanda Omani are killed) "You have killed one of the councilors, Nerevarine (Player name). I will make sure that your request to be Hortator of House Hlaalu is postponed. Indefinitely."
Show: Vassir-Didanat Ebony Mine

Vassir Didanat Mine "Are you hinting that you know the location of Vassir-Didanat? I promise that you will have great riches if you tell me the location of this mine... Whatever you do, don't speak a word to Dram Bero or Velanda Omani."

Tell the location of Vassir-Didanat. "Yes, I will have someone investigate. I promise that you will be richly rewarded."
Vassir Didanat Mine "Yes, I promise you will have great riches. These things take time to arrange, Nerevarine (Player name)."
Nevermind. "I am disappointed. I thought you knew where Vassir-Didanat was."

If the location of the mine is told to Velanda Omani:

Vassir Didanat Mine "You should have spoken with me instead. I would have promised much more than Velanda Omani."

If the location of the mine is told to Dram Bero:

Vassir Didanat Mine "You should have spoken with me instead. I would have promised you more than just a weapon."

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