"Yes, I know a Silt Strider is a giant bug. Doesn't make it any less reliable then your fancy horses or guar. You want to go somewhere quick, you learn to make your peace with it."
―Nevos Sareloth[src]

Nevos Sareloth is a Dunmer caravaner residing in Balmora on Vvardenfell.


Where does your silt strider travel to? "My silt strider can take you to either Gnisis or Vivec City. Ride's smooth and my creature's as gentle as a midday breeze."


  • "If I hear anymore insults about my silt strider, I'm refusing service! Us Dark Elves have a sense of decorum in these situations. Learn some manners. Now, where would you like to go?"
  • "Look, if you want to travel by silt strider, you have to deal with the fact that it's a giant insect. Now, where can I take you?"
  • "With all the foreign faces wandering the land these days, it's refreshing to deal with a plain old Dark Elf who appreciates a giant insect for a change. We both know my silt strider is a true beauty. Where would you like her to take you?" —If the Vestige is a Dunmer.


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