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New Clothes is a House Telvanni quest available to the Nerevarine in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind



Having joined House Telvanni, the Nerevarine may go to the various Mouth's of the Telvanni councilors to obtain quests. One such Mouth, Felisa Ulessen, will give the Nerevarine the task of taking a skirt to her notoriously difficult Mistress, Therana. To aid the Nerevarine, should Therana cause problems, Ulessen will give the Nerevarine two Almsivi Intervention Scrolls.

A Suspicious MistressEdit

Mistress Therana resides in Tel Branora, found on an isolated island to the southeast of Vvardenfell. She can be found in the Upper Tower and will demand that the Nerevarine put on the skirt to soothe her fears that it is "cursed." The moment the Nerevarine puts the skirt, however, Therana will attack the Nerevarine, leaving them to make good their escape, perhaps using the Almisvi Intervention Scrolls they were given earlier.

The Nerevarine must return to Therana to attempt to give her the skirt again. However, another option is available to the Nerevarine, whereby they persuade Therana's slave, Ra'Zahr to put the skirt on. He will accept and be killed by Therana when wearing the skirt, meaning that the skirt is now in Therana's possession. Now that the skirt has technically been delivered, the Nerevarine may return to Ulessen, whom will reward them with 500GoldIcon and teach them the Mark and Recall spells.


New Clothes
IDJournal Entry
10Mouth Felisa Ulessen gave me some new clothes and asked me to deliver them to Mistress Therana in Tel Branora. Mistress Therana is eccentric, and I should be careful not to offend her.
  • Quest accepted
50Mistress Therana refused to take the new clothes unless I can prove that they are not cursed.
70I put on the new clothes that I was supposed to deliver to Mistress Therana.
72I asked a slave to wear the new clothes for Mistress Therana.
100Mouth Felisa Ulessen thanked me for delivering the clothes to her patron.
  • Quest Complete


  • Felisa will only pay the Nerevarine 500 GoldIcon, despite offering 1,000 GoldIcon.
  • Ra'Zahr can be saved if the Nerevarine casts Calm Humanoid on Therana.

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