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"The Dunmer get their drinks at the New Gnisis Cornerclub. Why they can't just call it a tavern is beyond me."
―Windhelm Guard[src]

The New Gnisis Cornerclub is a tavern located in the Gray Quarter of Windhelm.

There are three levels in the Cornerclub. Ambarys is on the first floor. On the third floor, Malthyr Elenil can be found sleeping in the bed at night, and there is the business ledger on a table on the left side upon walking up the stairs.


The cornerclub serves as the social center of the Dunmer within Windhelm. Patrons can buy drinks and swap stories, but there are no rooms to rent. Some Nords from Windhelm seem to think the drinks here are better than at the Candlehearth Hall.


Some Light Theft[]

Stands-In-Shallows asks the Dragonborn to steal some double-distilled skooma from the New Gnisis Cornerclub.

Diplomatic Immunity[]

If Malborn survives Diplomatic Immunity, he will be found here and will ask that the Dragonborn kill a Khajiit mercenary, after which he will travel to Morrowind and never be seen again.

If Brelas is sent to the Thalmor Embassy interrogation room during Diplomatic Immunity and is subsequently freed and survives, she will be found here.

Notable items[]



  • If the Dragonborn sides with the Imperials in the Civil War questline, Rendar will become notably more optimistic after the Imperials capture Windhelm.
  • Susanna the Wicked will recommend the cornerclub if the Dragonborn wants a "real drink," and she will then say that the Dragonborn did not hear that from her.
  • There is a full set of Imperial armor and equipment on the second floor of the club.
  • The owner does not follow the Dragonborn around, unlike in most shops.
  • There is a uniquely labeled container simply called "Pot" on the uppermost floor of the tavern. Although it has the appearance of a cooking pot, it acts as a chest and items can be placed in and taken out of it by the Dragonborn.
  • Despite the inn being relatively empty, Viola Giordano mentions that it makes a "racket" at night, prompting her to think that the Dark Elves might somehow have something to do with the recent murders.[1]
  • The New Gnisis Cornerclub is likely named after the town of Gnisis in Vvardenfell.



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