The graveyard is located southwest of Crucible main entrance. It consists of humorous gravestones of the dead of New Sheoth.

Events[edit | edit source]

Every time a resident of New Sheoth is killed by the Hero's hand or in the course of events in a quest, their grave will appear here with a humorous comment on the grave relating to the character's personality.

Grave epitaph[edit | edit source]

There are eight graves here to begin with of characters not in the game, indicated by their italicized name and epitaph in the table below.

Name Epitaph
Ahjazda In memory of Ahjazda. The world wasn't coming to an end — only her.
Amiable Fanriene Amiable Fanriene, fallen before the walls did.
Bhisha In memory of Bhisha. Killed because he loved dogs. OR
In memory of sweet, harmless Bhisha.
Big Head In memory of Big Head. Completely Forked.
Blaise Sette Here lies Blaise Sette. Faster than the wind, dumber than a stump.
Bolwing I think his name was Bolwing.
Brithaur In the end, his last breath was stolen from him.
Caldana Monrius Caldana Monrius' last words: 'Bring some skooma to my wake!'.
Cutter In memory of Cutter. She enjoyed every cut to the last. And she enjoyed that one the most. It cut her spirit free.
Dumag gro-Bonk In honor of Dumag gro-Bonk. He made killing things fun again.
Earil He taught us to make the seconds count before we close our eyes.
Endarie Remember Endarie. One day she will rise and take her vengeance.
Fimmion Fimmion died hungry, or at least he thought he was.
Gloorolros In memory of Gloorolros. Sticks and stones broke his bones.
Helene the Deaf Helene the Deaf. She never heard it coming.
Hirrus Clutumnus Hirrus Clutumnus never felt like he fit in anywhere. He fits in a coffin quite nicely, now.
Lob gro-Murgob Lob gro-Murgob died. We ate him and buried the bones here.
Ma'zaddha Mazaddha found that which he did not seek -- the sharp end of a blade.
Meehn Half-Tail May your spirit swim forever, Meehn Half-Tail.
Muurine Muurine rests with the knowledge that her death provides much gossip.
Orinthal Numbers matter no more, for Orinthal has found eternity.
Ranesta Ranesta lies here, covered in glory and dirt.
Raven Biter In memory of Raven Biter. He was one crazy son of a bitch.
Rendil Drarara He's cooked his last meal.
Sheer Meedish Beloved wife and loyal drinking companion.
Sickly Bernice This time, she was right.
Sontaire Finally, Sontaire sleeps alone.
Thaedil In memory of Thaedil. A juggler beyond compare, at least in her own mind.
Tilse Areleth She couldn't take it with her.
Tove the Unrestful In memory of Tove the Unrestful. His works completed, may he finally find rest.
Una Armina In memory of Una Armina, a true Oddity.
Ushnar gro-Shadborgob He asked to be buried with his beloved dog. Oh, well.
Uungor Uungor finally got out of the city. Sheogorath watch over his spirit.
Vien Brenenus Vien Brenenus. Noble but poor.
Vilval Telaram Vilval Telaram was thrown in this hole.
Wide-Eye In memory of Wide-Eye. May all her children prosper.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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