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The New West Navy (right) during the Battle of Hunding Bay.

The New West Navy was the nautical equivalent of the Imperial Legion used in the Abecean Sea.[1] It is said that the Colovian nobility comprised a large proportion of its members.[1]


The New West Navy was instituted by Tiber Septim during the Tiber Wars. The commander of the Navy, Vasi Hadrach, was assassinated by a Reachmen during the 9th century of the Second Era. He was succeeded by another one of Septim's potentates, Amiel Richton.

Under the command of Richton, the New West Navy was responsible for defeating Thassad II during the Battle of Hunding Bay.[2] The outcome of the battle resulted in Stros M'kai, the last piece of land untouched by the Empire, to be captured. It served as an important headquarters to fend off pirates of the Abecean and naval units of the Second Aldmeri Dominion.[3]



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