The Newlands Lodge is an inn just north of the west gate of Cheydinhal. It is run by Dervera Romalen, who tells the Hero that it is a Dunmer bar, and she'll tolerate rowdiness and fights, although the guards won't.

The lounge area when entering gives every customer a cozy feel with the large fireplace on the left and a friendly welcome from the proprietor. The room is decorated with tapestries on the wall and flowers in pots.

In the bar area there are some seats available and on the tables are both sweetrolls and sweetcakes. Dervera offers a wide selection of drinks, including mead, Tamika Vintage 415 and Surilie Brothers Vintage 415. She also offers a bed for the night for 10 GoldIcon. If anything is stolen she will call for the guards.

Upstairs are two rooms for rent, but only one is available for the Hero to rent. There is also an alcove with a bed, maybe used by Dervera herself.



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