Nial Sextius is an Imperial Legionary who served during Titus Mede's reign.

Physical appearanceEdit

Nial was a big man, thick in every dimension, with a ruddy, wind-worn complexion that made him look older.


Fourth EraEdit

Colin comes across Nial in The Crown’s Hammer inn. When Colin tells Nial he was now an inspector working for the Penitus Oculatus, Nial showed his contempt towards the organisation. He tells him however, that despite he despises some of his fellow colleagues, he will make an exception for him.

Colin confirms to Nial that the prince and his personal bodyguard had been murdered. Nial had been about to apply for being the prince's bodyguard, but he thought he wouldn't handle it. Colin is surprised when Nial tells him that the prince is not the mighty warrior the bards and books tell. Many imperial soldiers and agents of the Penitus Oculatus knew he was just for show. He also tells Colin that Attrebus' right hand, Gulan, was responsible for contacting the Emperor whenever the prince wanted to venture on a dangerous task. However, Gulan didn't cotact the Emperor about the prince's intention to attack Umbriel. He warned prime minister Hierem instead.[1]


  • It is mentioned that he had a chippy sister.



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