"Traditionally, the East is regarded as the region's soul: magnanimous, tolerant, and administrative. It was in the rain forests of the Nibenay Valley that the original Cyro-Nordic tribes, the Nibenese, learned a self-reliance that separated them culturally and economically from Skyrim."
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The Nibenay Valley,[Notes 1] the Niben Valley, or the Nibenean Valley is a small region situated in the eastern rainforests of the Nibenay, within the province of Cyrodiil. The Nibenay Valley has a rich history and even a beautiful landscape. It is the centerpiece of the Nibenay East, containing the Niben Bay itself.

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Western Niben Valley

The Larsius River runs from Bravil, and into the Elsweyr Border around Bloodmayne Cave.

The Western Niben Valley is where the city-state of Bravil is located, as well as, where the entire valley meets the much larger region of the Great Forest. The West Valley is where the population is practically found here, as the only important settlement, Bravil is found. The Green Road runs through here, going around Bravil and Ayleid ruins. Interestingly, Ayleid-related history is unique in the Western Valley, as the site of Bravil contained a fully-established city that was sacked during the Alessian Slave Rebellion. The people from the city of Anutwyll were among the few that escaped the Alessians, and entering the province of Valenwood, integrating with the Wood Elves.

Central Niben Valley

Eastern Niben Valley






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First Era

The Alessian Slave Rebellion; The Battle for Ancient Bravil

The First Empire of the Nords & the Skyrim Conquest

The Rebellion Aftermath; Nenalata & the Ayleid Diaspora

Second Era

The Anchors of Coldharbour; the Planemeld

The War-Torn Province; the Three-Banners War

Third Era

From the Deadlands; the Gates of Oblivion

Fourth Era

The Great War & Lord Naarifin's Campaign

The Bravilian Drug War; the Eclipse & the Claw









  1. The original context (in the 1st Pocket Guide) for the Nibenay Valley refers to it in a grander sense, much more akin to what the Nibenay in-general means. The Heartlands around the Imperial City is referred as a part of the Nibenay Valley, while maps show the Valley stretching along the Niben River, near County Leyawiin. Even the minor regions, the Northern Niben Valley and Southern Niben Valley in ESO are located far than what is shows in Oblivion.

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