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"The Heartlands and Nibenean Valley are the agricultural breadbaskets of Cyrodiil."
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The Nibenay Valley is the name given to the central lowlands along Niben River south of the Imperial City and north of Blackwood. The Valley is a fairly small region, occupying a swath on both sides of the Niben, and hemmed in by the Nibenay Basin, the Great Forest, and the Heartlands. The Valley proper begins along the Silverfish River and out to Niben Bay, then south to the lower Panther River. It stretches west past Bravil to the Larsius River where it brushes against the Great Forest. A high ridge between the Valley and Lake Canulus marks the eastern border.

Both the Green and the Yellow Roads run through the Nibenay Valley. Though Imperial Maps label a section of countryside along the southern banks of the Niben River as "The Nibenay Valley," the flora and fauna of everything south of the Panther is pure Blackwood. Additionally, islands of Blackwood are scattered throughout the southern portion of the Valley.

The trees and shrubs of the Valley, as well as the hills and stones, are virtually indistinguishable from the Nibenay Basin.

Flora and fauna[edit | edit source]

Plants native to the area include Flax, Fly Amanita, Foxglove, Ginseng, Monkshood, and Summer Bolete. Nirnroot can be found, as usual, along the rivers and lakes of the region.

Look along the Yellow Road between the Silverfish and the Panther Rivers for fairy rings[1] composed of Fly Amanita and Summer Bolete mushrooms.

On the west side of the Niben, near Fort Irony, there is a particularly lush peninsula with an abundance of Nightshade plants, as well as Bergamot plant, Dragon's Tongue Plant, Lavender, Mandrake and St. Jahn's Wort.

Locations[edit | edit source]

The lowland city of Bravil lies in the northwest section of the Nibenay Valley. Alessia Ottus, author of the Guide to Bravil, utterly detests Bravil, saying it "is the dark grate of the sewer drain where foul and unappetising debris collects... plagued by criminals, drunkards, and skooma-eaters."[2]

The small size of the Valley means that there are few other locations. The Imperial Bridge Inn overlooks the Silverfish River. Cadlew Chapel, a necromancers' hideout, sits at the intersection of the Silverfish and the Niben Rivers.

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Other areas of interest[edit | edit source]

The region's only shrine, the Shrine of Peryite, can be found upstream from the Imperial Bridge Inn, along the banks of the Silverfish. A single tent with a sleeping mat overlooking Bravil. It is just west of Anutwyll.

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