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Typical Nibeneses seen in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

"Traditionally, the East is regarded as the region's soul: magnanimous, tolerant, and administrative. It was in the rain forests of the Nibenay Valley that the original Cyro-Nordic tribes, the Nibenese, learned a self-reliance that separated them culturally and economically from Skyrim."
Imperial Geographic Society[src]

The Nibeneses are a ethnolinguistic cultural group of Imperials who originate from Nibenay in the modern day province of Cyrodiil and are closer in heritage to pure Nedes than Colovians,[1]


The Nibeneans (and Colovians) are a race of men descended from the Nedic who were enslaved by the Ayleids, but diverged a bit after consecutive invasions and interactions with other races. The Nibenese have a greater appreciation for magic, art, commerce, and spirituality, the Colovians while are more culturally like the Nords, sharing similar beliefs such as a heavy martial and seafaring tradition.[2][3]



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