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Not to be confused with Nicolas Elve.
"I've now spent two-thirds of my life in the Thieves Guild. Half my life as guildmaster. A third of it with the merchant lords of Abah's Landing well and truly under our thumb. More than a hundred thieves at my command, and dozens more associates who will never comprehend their part in what I've built."

Nicolas is an Imperial thief. He is the former guildmaster of the Abah's Landing Thieves Guild. Following a failed heist in Taneth, Nicolas was believed to have been killed, though in truth it is revealed he betrayed the guild and faked his death. He is later found imprisoned in the No Shira Citadel.


Prison Break

Nicolas can be found in Zeira's presumed cell block in the No Shira Prison. The Vestige is given the option of deciding his fate, though it is recommended to consult with the guild members beforehand.


Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild
Bright Ilmund 2E 5?? - 2E 582 Zeira
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