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The Night Mother is a Dunmer woman and the leader of the Dark Brotherhood. Her corpse is located within a crypt hidden underneath the statue of the Lucky Old Lady in Bravil. Through her Listener, she relays assassination contracts from those that have performed the Black Sacrament to the members of the Dark Brotherhood.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Honor Thy Mother[edit | edit source]

During this quest, the Hero of Kvatch encounters the Night Mother's ghost for the first and last time. The Hero and the remaining members of the Black Hand enter her hidden crypt, which is found under the Lucky Old Lady statue in Bravil. Upon meeting her ghost, she informs the Black Hand that the traitor is still alive. She explains to Arquen that restoration is impossible because of this. In this instance they get interrupted by Mathieu Bellamont, as he reveals himself as the traitor, and begins to initiate an assault on the Night Mother. The Hero intervenes and succeeds in killing the traitor. Upon his death, the Night Mother interacts with the Hero, telling them how impressed she is by the extraordinary feats they have pulled off during the Dark Brotherhood questline. The Night Mother then promotes them to the rank of Listener, and unlocks the Blade of Woe to its true power.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Show: Honor Thy Mother
In the Crypt of the Night Mother:

"So, at last we meet. I have been following your strange journey through the Dark Brotherhood, young one. Your killing of the old man Baenlin... the execution of Adamus Phillida... the way you stalked and murdered each member of the Draconis family... Your purification of the Cheydinhal Sanctuary. You, a mere underling, even managed to single-handedly eliminate half of my Black Hand!"

I live only to serve the Black Hand. "I know, dear child. I know. You carried out your orders to the letter, in the name of the Black Hand. How could I be anything but happy with you? No, my anger lies with the rest of my children. You see, I have known of Mathieu Bellamont's intentions since he was just a boy."
Ha! I reveled in their slaughter. "So you did, my child. So you did! Ha ha ha ha ha! You obeyed your orders and showed no mercy or remorse. How could I ask for a better servant? If only my other children had served me so well! You see, I have known of Mathieu Bellamont's intentions since he was just a boy."
[Say nothing.] "Ah, you choose to play the stoic, hmm? You remain silent even when faced with my terrible countenance? Your silent obedience is to be commended. If only my other children had offered such reverence. You see, I have known of Mathieu Bellamont's intentions since he was just a boy."
"I knew of his thirst for vengeance. I could have informed my Listener. But I refused! Refused to reward such incompetence! Ungolim was weak. Indeed, I allowed Mathieu Bellamont to proceed on his destructive course. Just as I allowed you to intercept him."
But... but why, honored Night Mother? "Don't you see? Our Dread Father foresaw your defeat of the traitor, here in this very crypt! You have been chosen! You are to be my new Listener!"
Then our destinies were...interwoven? "Yes, dear child! Yes! The Dread Father foresaw it all! You were meant to kill the traitor! You were meant to be named Listener of the Black Hand!"
[Say nothing.] "Our Dread Father foresaw your defeat of the traitor, here in this very crypt! You have been chosen! You are to be my new Listener!"
"You possess strength, and cunning, and a heart as black as midnight. You were marked by Sithis the moment you emerged from your mother's womb."
So what happens now, Unholy Matron? "Go. Take a few moments to collect yourself. Meditate upon all that has transpired. Help yourself to any treasures this crypt may offer."
Finally, the authority I deserve! "You will get what you desire. But first, meditate upon all that has transpired. Perhaps you covet treasure? Take all my crypt has to offer!"
[Say nothing.] "Silent even as Listener? Good. For now is the time to meditate upon all that has transpired. And please, help yourself to this crypt's treasures."

After looting the crypt:

"You've returned. I trust you've weighed the importance of your new position. For you will soon hear words that will change lives, alter destinies. And I hope you've taken everything you desire from my crypt. Once you leave, you will be unable to return. Now, are you ready to begin your new life?"

No. I'll return when I'm ready. "Very well. Take your time. Enjoy the hospitalities of my... home. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
I'm ready. Send me to the Sanctuary. "Very good! Now begins your true journey! We will soon become very intimate, you and I! Ha ha ha ha ha! Before I sent you away, however, I would like to present you with a rather special reward. I see you still possess the Blade of Woe, the weapon given to you by Lucien Lachance when you first met. Allow me now to unlock its true power! Yes, you will now find the Blade of Woe a bit more... potent than it was. Now go. Leave this crypt, and serve our Dread Father til your dying breath!"

Conversations[edit | edit source]

Honor Thy Mother

Night Mother: "What is the meaning of this desecration? Who has disturbed my ancient slumber?"
Arquen: "Dearest Night Mother! Most Unholy Maiden! Please, we beg your mercy in this, our time of need! The Black Hand seeks your guidance!"
Night Mother: "Ah, yes, I have been expecting you. The Listener now kneels by Sithis, as does his successor. There is a traitor amongst you."
Arquen: "The traitor is dead, dear Mother. We have come now to ask your blessing. Anoint one of us your Listener, so we can restore the Black Hand!"
Night Mother: "Foolish little girl. Lucien Lachance served Sithis til his dying breath. The Black Hand remains tainted by betrayal. Restoration is impossible."
Mathieu Bellamont: "Enough! Enough of this! You will all suffer for the pain you have caused me! I will destroy your Night Mother, and the Dark Brotherhood will fall!"
Arquen: "What treachery? The traitor still lives! It is Mathieu Bellamont! Do not let him harm the Night Mother! Kill him!"

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