Nightgate Inn is an inn located along the main road between Dawnstar and Windhelm.


Alongside the inn is a small lake with a sheltered pier. Its layout is typical of inns found throughout Skyrim. It has a large common room with a bar at one end and a large fire pit in the center. There are three bedrooms on the main floor with stairs leading down to a large cellar where there is another room that is being rented long-term by an OrcBalagog gro-Nolob.

The inn is owned by Hadring, who will tell the Dragonborn that the inn was built by his great-grandfather.

The inn seems lonely and sorrowful from the exterior, as the cold weather, frozen lake, and lack of life create a bleak setting. Inside is not much different; the only other patron, Fultheim, says, when asked why he drinks here, is "Where else would I go to drink?"

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A False Front (Imperials)Edit

The Stormcloak Courier may come to this inn, and must either be robbed or killed in order to retrieve the StormCloak Documents [sic] [Do not change this to Stormcloak Documents. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.].

Recipe for DisasterEdit

The Listener must kill the Gourmet for the Dark Brotherhood.

Innkeeper RumorsEdit

Hadring can give bounty quests. Additionally, when Hadring is asked for a rumor, he gives an interesting piece of information that can start the Dragonborn off on the Dark Brotherhood questline.

Notable itemsEdit


  • A total of 11 searchable barrels can be found with 2 just outside the main entrance, 3 more next to each other on the northeast corner of the main hall, and 6 more in the cellar room. The Dragonborn is free to loot them, and it will not count as theft if anything is taken. This will only apply to the barrels, however.


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