Nightingale Hall is a cave that is in the Rift and is located south of Riften. It serves as the headquarters of the Nightingales.


The Nightingales are a small secretive internal sect of the Thieves Guild, whose primary purpose is to protect the Twilight Sepulcher, the primary shrine of the Daedric Prince Nocturnal. It also serves as a secondary shrine to Nocturnal for the Nightingales.

It is only accessible after starting the Thieves Guild quest "Trinity Restored." On the first visit there is very little of interest to speak of inside Nightingale Hall aside from some bed rolls, two chests with some minor loot, and two skill books: The Red Kitchen Reader and Purloined Shadows.

TESV Nightingale Hall Interior

Interior of the Hall

The interior will be in a state of neglect and disarray, with a bed smashed by a roof collapse, a bookcase upended etc. When returned later there are a few changes including a bookcase and nightstand with several interesting books. During "Trinity Restored," the Dragonborn must activate the armor stone inside to receive the Nightingale Armor that is required to progress the quest.


Trinity RestoredEdit

Become one of the Nightingales. Before intercepting Mercer Frey, Karliah wishes to speak to both Brynjolf and the Dragonborn.

Notable itemsEdit


  • There are two "Safe" shadowmarks on birch trees leading to Nightingale Hall.


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  • Once the entire quest "Trinity Restored" has been completed and one goes back out to the entrance, it will be sealed off by a rock. The only known way to get out past this rock is to fast travel. However, this makes it impossible to walk inside Nightingale Hall without traveling the Pilgrim's Path again.
  • Once the player is asked to say yes to becoming a Nightingale, Karliah walks out of the sanctum and goes on a walk about. She will not open the door and the quest cannot be continued.
    •  PC(Fix)   While next to the gate, open the console and enter the command PRID 00058f1a, and after that type moveto player. This will cause Karliah to appear and soon she will open the gate.
  • When initially entering Nightingale Hall and Karliah speaks about the first uninitiated in centuries, one can spot a courier running from the armory to the entrance.


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