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Nilheim is a Nordic tower in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is located on a small peninsula surrounded by water and a steep cliff on one side. This can be the location of one of the many bounty quests that can be received.


The tower is located on a cliff that overlooks much of The Rift. From the catwalk in the north face of the tower it is possible to see across the vastness of Skyrim's valleys and mountains all the way to Windhelm and even the Sea of Ghosts.


If approached on the road, the Dragonborn will come upon a camp with five non-hostile "Guards" who are dressed like bandits and are initially non-hostile, unless the Dragonborn talks to Telrav first who is across the bridge from Nilheim, at which point the Guards will attack the Dragonborn. If the Dragonborn receives the bounty quest, they can complete it without talking to Telrav and only have to fight the bandit leader; the guards will stay neutral.

There are three dead bodies lying in the rocks just on the north side of the tower below the entrance, apparently Telrav's previous victims. Body factions appear to be random (bandits, Imperial soldiers, travelers, etc.)

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  •  PC   If Nilheim is cleared prior to receiving this quest, the quest may remain in the quest log as unfinished, and cannot be completed.
    • PC Fix: Resurrect every bandit with console commands and kill them again.
  • It is also possible to approach Nilheim on foot from any other direction (bypassing Telrav), the Dragonborn can loot the camp, talk to the "guards," etc. without any hostilities. The only exception to this is to approach on horseback, in which case the guards will proceed to attack and kill the horse. Note: at no point will they attack the Dragonborn, only the horse, when they have killed it they will return to their normal activities (tested multiple times).
  • The "Guards" will not become hostile even if the you transform into a Vampire Lord or a Werewolf when nearby, only telling you to be careful.
  • Or enter the command "setstage bq01 100" at the console to complete the quest. This is more useful if there are no bodies around to resurrect.
  •  PC   360   XB1   PS4   If cleared, the Bandit Leader will not respawn, making it impossible to complete the Kill the Bandit Leader bounty from Riften.