Not to be confused with Niluva Alan.
"Hey, don't look at me that way! Who are you to judge me?"
―Niluva Hlaalu[src]


Niluva Hlaalu is a Dunmer found in Riften. Due to her name she is a member of the Dunmeri House Hlaalu. She lives in Haelga's Bunkhouse in Riften and works at the Black-Briar Meadery. She is a Skooma addict and is worried Indaryn will fire her because of that.

Every time the Dragonborn tries to speak to her, she says to not judge her. Her other dialogue would suggest that she is the daughter of Belyn Hlaalu, a farmer in Windhelm. It also appears that she borrows money from others to pay for her addiction; this is referenced in a conversation between her and Tythis.


Niluva's debtEdit

Tythis: "Niluva, you promised you'd pay me back yesterday. So what's the story?"
Niluva: "Just give me a few more days and I promise I'll come up with it."
Tythis: "If you'd stop wasting your coin on that Skooma, you'd have enough gold to live on!"
Niluva: "Sorry, Tythis. I'll get it to you somehow."

Pushed too farEdit

Niluva: "Do you know what Indaryn told me? He said that if I'm late one more time, he's going to kick me out the door!"
Romlyn: "That swit. One day, he'll regret pushing all of us around!"
Niluva: "What do you mean?"
Romlyn: "All I'm saying is Indaryn's going to push too far one day and they're going to push back...hard."


  • "So what if I have a problem? I know how to deal with it!"
  • "Maramal thinks he's so smart, tells me that Mara will cleanse the filth from my blood. Ha! What does he know?"
  • "My n'wah of a father thought he could pull my strings.. "Continue the Hlaalu tradition." Bah. I left all that nonsense behind."
  • "If Indaryn finds out, he'll have me thrown out of the Meadery for certain. So don't breathe a word of it to him. Not a word!"
  • "Oh what am I going to do? I can barely afford to stay at the bunkhouse."
  • "I'm going to stop. That's what I'm going to do! Then everyone will see that I'm not as useless as they think."


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