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Nirnroot is an ingredient in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It can be found near water sources throughout Cyrodiil. Many Nirnroots are found in pots within shops, homes, and guilds. Taking some of these potted samples is a crime.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Unlike all other plants in the game, Nirnroot does not regrow; each plant can only be harvested once. Consequently, Nirnroot is a rare plant—so rare, in fact, that no alchemist recognizes what the plant is except a man named Sinderion, located in the basement of the West Weald Inn in Skingrad.

Number of plants[edit | edit source]

There are a total of 306 Nirnroots in Cyrodiil (263 outdoors, 43 indoors).

Locating them[edit | edit source]

Most Nirnroots are found near bodies of water, some are found in various buildings throughout Cyrodiil. Paying attention to shorelines and potted plants while traveling helps locate these plants without extra effort. A faint, pulsating sound emits from the location of a Nirnroot.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Seeking Your Roots[edit | edit source]

Speak to Sinderion in the basement of the West Weald Inn in Skingrad, or harvest Nirnroot for the first time then speak to any alchemist to learn Sinderions location. After collecting enough Nirnroot, Sinderion will create an Elixir of Exploration with increasing degrees of strength. He will then sell them to the Champion at a discount, as well as give them one for free.

Nirnroots Requested Elixir of Exploration Potion Effect Duration Base Value
10 Weak Night-Eye, Fortify Health 20 pts. 300 sec. 55Gold
20 Moderate (All Previous)
Fortify Fatigue 20 pts.
300 sec. 80Gold
30 Strong (All Previous)
Fortify Blade, Blunt, Destruction, Restoration, Security and Sneak 5 pts.
300 sec. 170Gold
40 Grand (All from Moderate Elixir)
Fortify Blade, Blunt, Destruction, Restoration, Security, and Sneak 10 pts.
300 sec. 275Gold
(10 at a time)
Sold to Sinderion for 250Gold
  • Every time the Nirnroots are brought to Sinderion, it takes 24 hours to claim the new elixir.

Locations of Nirnroot

Locations[edit | edit source]

Cities[edit | edit source]

# Location
One Inside Heinrich Oaken-Hull's house. It's upstairs in the bedroom.
One On a dresser in Dairihill's quarters in Castle Anvil's private quarters.
One On a windowsill in Ulfgar Fog-Eye's quarters at the lighthouse.
One Near the statue at the lake left of the outer gate when entering Anvil.
One On the edge of the water on the beach when walking from the lighthouse and approaching the gate to Anvil. Just beside the stairs to the docks, near some rocks.
One Just outside the Anvil City Gate, between the rocks nearby, hidden in a bush.
One On the small island (has a chest on it) south of the lighthouse.
One In Smuggler's Cave beneath Castle Anvil.
One On the small island just south of Castle Anvil.
Two On the small island west of Anvil.
One To the northwest of the Anvil Lighthouse near the little gulf.
# Location
Two One is just southeast of the The Lonely Suitor Lodge, up against the wall. The second is behind the mage guild, right across the river.
One In the 3rd Floor of Silverhome on the Water (the western door, its locked, hard).
One In the 2nd Floor of the Bravil Fighters Guild on a wardrobe.
One While doing the "Arrow of Extrication" quest, in the Bravil Wizard's Grotto. Look at the map on the quest page to watch the exact location.
One In City Swimmer's House.
One can be found in Andragil's House in her bedroom on the dresser.
One At the southwest corner of the walls surrounding Castle Bravil, on a small island on the other side away from the wall.
One West of the main gate, near a bridge over the river.
# Location
One On the second floor of Baenlin's House, in the master bedroom.
One In Regner's House, downstairs on some crates.
One In Castle Bruma Lord's Manor, first room on the right after coming up the stairs, on a dresser behind a locked door. (Very Easy Lock)
# Location
One Inside the Mages Guild Well. Requires that the Cheydinhal Recommendation be performed in order to gain the key to the well.
One Under one of the bridges in town. The right bridge of the two to the south.
One On the second floor of Riverview.
# Location
One In Vilena Donton's house on the third floor in her bedroom. It's in a potter's plant next to her bed.
One In Casta Scribonia's house on the second floor on the shelf to the right.
Imperial City Isle
# Location
One On the hill south of where the Imperial Prison Sewer comes out.
One Just east of Imperial City Sewers – North Exit
One Go inside Imperial City Sewers – North Exit and enter the first door to the right. Initially this door is blocked but it can be opened by turning the wheel inside the adjacent chamber. The Nirnroot is to the right from the entrance, in the water next to small stairs.
One By the dock outside of Vilverin.
One On the back bench of The Gilded Carafe in the Market District.
One In the South Watch Tower's Captain's Quarters accessible through the Temple District and Arena.
One In the pond to the left of door leading to Green Emperor Way in the Arboretum.
One In the Mage Quarters at the Arcane University. Inside the southwest room on the first floor in a pot.
One In a planter in Archmage's Private Quarters in the Arcane University
One Under the water where the Sacred Lotus plants are in the Temple District.
Three In the Waterfront District, at the north end of the docks on the beach near the pirate's ship, named The Marie Elena. There is another one inside the ship itself in a planter on the desk near the entrance of the ship, but the pirates may become hostile if boarded. The third is at the far southeast end of the small island.
One South of the mainland-connecting bridge to Imperial City
One On a peninsula north of the mainland-connecting bridge to Imperial City
One In the Private Quarters of Samuel Bantien's House in Talos Plaza District.
One By the dock north of Weye.
Seven Take a walk from Fort Magia to Culotte whilst looking near the river bank.
One Next to the Dibella Wayshrine near Fort Virtue.
# Location
Two Just east of Ahdarji's house by the walls (near the gate to the castle, one just south of the SW gate, one just north).
One Just east of Best Goods and Guarantees next to some rocks.
One In the Blackwood Company Hall, on the second floor.
One In Jeetum-Ze's room of the Blackwood Company Hall.
One Outside the Leyawiin North East Gate along the wooden dock just northwest of the gate.
One In the rocks east of the Coast Guard Station just outside the Leyawiin North East Gate.
One In Leyawiin, east of the North East Gate, by the pool of water
One Hidden amongst the grass near the water before entering Castle Leyawiin.
Several Start from left bank of Topal Bay and walk the beach until Castle Leyawiin is reached.
# Location
One On the third floor of the Surilie brothers' house in Skingrad.
One On the third floor of Toutius Sextius' House in Skingrad.

Region locations[edit | edit source]

Generally speaking, one can walk or ride along any major or minor body of water and find Nirnroot growing. Sometimes they grow between rocks or behind trees, and so require a bit of searching, but most often they are found relatively out in the open. Traveling along the Niben between Leyawiin and Bravil will yield quite a few Nirnroot.

# Location
Five Around the water edges south of Fort Teleman and the nearby Oblivion Gate, search carefully.
Six Near and east of Fort Doublecross around the water edges.
One Just south of Tidewater Cave along the beach.
Three Along the southern beach of Topal Bay, west of the Niben River, in extreme southern Cyrodiil.
One South of Bogwater camp in southern Cyrodiil, along the beach.
Two On island southeast of Bogwater camp.
Two On an island connected to the mainland by a bridge slightly southwest of Bogwater camp.
One West of that same bridge, along the coast.
Two In the wilderness, southeast of Bravil, south of Fort Irony. It is on the southern edge of the peninsula. Follow the coast until a derelict, burnt-out house on a small island is reached; it is connected to the mainland via a bridge. One Nirnroot is on the island. Another sits immediately north of the bridge.
One On the north side of Fort Irony.
One About halfway between Fort Redman and Fort Irony, between Leyawiin and Bravil. It's on an island north of a bridge crossing the river (the map shows it's a peninsula, but it is in fact an island).
One Across the river of Fort Redman.
One On the water's edge of the southern inlet, due north of Leyawiin, southeast of Bravil.
One At the Black Dog Camp, following the Panther River, between some crates.
One Just south of the camp, along the river
One At the base of a tree along the beach of the settlement Water's Edge.
One South of Bloodmayne Cave between some rocks along the Larsius River.
One Along the northern shore of the Panther River, just north of the small letter 'n' in "Nibenay" on the map.
One At the Ayleid Ruin of Veyond.
Two On a small island with a dock northeast of Undertow Cavern.
One Just down the southern path of White Stallion Lodge, next to the dock and boat.
One Just outside Amelion Tomb.
One Next to the water down the steps next to Kindred Cave. Look underneath the wooden platform.
Colovian Highlands
# Location
One West-southwest of Chorrol, near the end of the Black Road, near a pool of water with a boat.
One At a pool with a waterfall south of Infested Mine.
One By a small pool of water and waterfall just northwest of Black Rock Caverns.
One Inside the Battlehorn Castle, behind the stuffed Wolf.
Great Forest
# Location
One In Torbal the Sufficient's House at Brindle Home.
One At the bottom of a waterfall off Orange Road (just north of the letter "a" of the word "Road" on the map).
One In house of Natch Pinder (2nd floor) in Hackdirt.
One Next to the firepit southeast of Fort Virtue.
Three At the lake in Shadeleaf Copse.
One In Odiil Farm, inside the locked building.
One At Fanacasecul.
One Between some rocks underneath a tree along the White Rose River (just north of the letter "R" for "river" on the map).
One Along the White Rose River, just north of Fort Roebeck.
One Along the western fork of the White Rose River, before it empties into Lake Rumare.
One On Shafaye's House at the Pell's Gate settlement south of Imperial City isle.
One On the southwestern corner outside of The Sleeping Mare at the Pell's Gate.
One South of Imperial City, just beyond an unnamed bridge (northwest of Sardavar Leed).
One Outside of Sardavar Leed itself, by the water and rocks.
One Beneath the Old Bridge landmark.
One Just outside of Charcoal Cave, at the top of the waterfalls between rocks.
One Just south of Charcoal Cave, around the pool of water and behind a bush.
Gold Coast
# Location
Two Along the western coast of Cyrodiil, just north of Anvil.
One On a small island off the western coast of Cyrodiil, north of Anvil.
One By a shipwreck on the western coast of Cyrodiil, on a peninsula where the Brena River empties.
Two On an island to the west of Anvil.
One' On an island south of the Anvil castle near Smuggler's Cave.
One On the larger island south on the Anvil peninsula at the edge of the map.
One On the coast to the south of Anvil and southwest of Gweden Farm.
One On the large island where the Strid River empties into the Abecean Sea.
# Location
One At a pool of water south of Roland Jenseric's Cabin. It's just south of the Blue Road, near some Water Hyacinth, a bit north of Nagastani.
One At the edge of the water just down the hill from the entrance to Culotte.
Nibenay Basin
# Location
One Along the river near Vahtacen.
One The eastern beach of Lake Canulus.
One Outside Leafrot Cave.
One On the beach of Lake Poppad, east of Muck Valley Cavern, and slightly northwest of the Vaermina's Shrine.
One Outside the door to Fort Entius, at the head of the Silverfish River.
One In the little bay going south from the head of the Silverfish River.
One North of Peryite's Shrine at the top of the waterfall.
Nibenay Valley
# Location
Two Near the wooden bridge by Imperial Bridge Inn.
One On the shore of the Bawn elven ruin.
One On the island off of Bawnwatch Camp, near Bawn.
One South of Bawn just before the bridge (right beneath 'County Bravil' on the map).
One Under the bridge that crosses the Larsius River.
One At the bend in the Larsius River, due south of Bloodmayne Cave.
Valus Mountains
# Location
One On second floor of Lord Rugdumph's Estate.
West Weald
# Location
One About halfway between Kvatch and Ra'sava Camp near a small pool of water.
Two By the small pond just east of Shardrock.
One On the western side of a small lake between Kvatch and Miscarcand.
One By a small pond just northwest of Skingrad, south of the Reman Rune Stone. (At the center of the letter 'k' in 'Skingrad' on the map.)

Other locations[edit | edit source]

# Location
Two By the upper pool west of Barren Cave.
One By the docks where slaughterfish are hunted for in the "Go Fish" quest.
One In the Hunter's Run during the "Caught in the Hunt" quest - after killing the first hunter, jump in the water and swim.
One On the south side of Morahame.
One Inside Fort Cedrian.
One Inside Frostcrag Spire Living Area, in the garden.
One At Fort Homestead, along the northern walls and beach.
One At Veyond Black Waters, along the northern wall of the second chamber.
One On the desk in The Vile Lair study area. Note: This is the only Nirnroot that regenerates, after about a week.
One To the left of the entrance to the Caldew Chapel.
One  Inside Battlehorn Castle Great Hall, on a taxidermy stand.

Console[edit | edit source]

Nirnroot can be added using the console on PC versions of Oblivion. To acquire them this way, type: player.additem 0004E940 <quantity>, where <quantity> denotes the desired amount.

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Appearances[edit | edit source]

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