"I don't want to believe the Khajiit is guilty, but I'm not blind. I can read the signs. Lightning struck in the village the night the Green Pact was broken. The Khajiit is involved in some way."

Nithelin is a Bosmer brewer selling her wares at her tent in Karthdar.


  • "Please, tell me you found something conclusive. Something that will sort this out so we can get back to our lives! The village can never return to normal unless justice is served, you understand?"―If spoken to during the trial
  • "Your evidence was indisputable, advocate, but it's still hard to believe. Hurry to the judgement cave. The sooner this is resolved, the better."―If spoken to after giving the final verdict
  • "I can't believe Gathiel did that. She knew that it would violate the Green Pact. She knew there would be consequences."―In "Green Hall's Finest Brews," if condemned Gathiel


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