Not to be confused with Nivan Morvayn.
"He leads the Dalvilu family. He is a wise man, and a powerful wizard."
―Villagers of Bleaker's Way[src]

Nivan Dalvilu quote

Nivan Dalvilu is a Dunmer warlock who resides in his home in the village of Bleaker's Way north of the Imperial City. He is the patriarch of the Dalvilu family.



Nivan Dalvilu must be slain and the Ulfgar Family Ring must be planted on his corpse in order to frame the family and cause the two clans to fight.



"Hail, traveler. You are welcome in Bleaker's Way."

Bleaker's Way "Dalvilus have lived here peacefully with Ulfgars for generations. As leaders, Hrol Ulfgar and I work hard to preserve that tradition."
Hrol Ulfgar "Hrol Ulfgar leads the Ulfgar clan. He is a fierce warrior and a wise leader. All the Dalvilu respect the man."


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