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No News Is Good News is initiated by Angeline Morrard in Solitude. She asks if the Dragonborn been to Whiterun and if they have met her daughter, Fura, who is stationed there as an Imperial soldier.

The Dragonborn is then sent to question Captain Aldis for information on her. Aldis will insist that information on soldiers is "need to know" and the Dragonborn will be given the standard persuade, bribe, and Intimidate options.

If the Dragonborn has completed the Reunification of Skyrim quest line, an additional option to simply order Aldis to divulge the information will be available.


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  • If the player has completed Liberation of Skyrim, Captain Aldis may no longer be standing in the courtyard and the quest can not be completed.
  • Even if the player has not completed the Civil War quest, joined the Imperial Legion or even if they joined the Stormcloaks the option to "order" Aldis to tell you about Angeline Morrard's daughter is still available and will work, though the player will not receive any bonuses to Speech.

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