No Shira Citadel is a ruined fort found in the southeastern part of Hew's Bane that serves as the headquarters for the Iron Wheel. It is located south of Abah's Landing and east of the nearby No Shira Citadel Wayshrine.

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Acquired during "The Long Game:

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Iron Wheel:

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  • In Yoku, the name of the fort translates to "Noble Person Citadel,"[1] which is likely named after Prince Hubalajad, who ordered the fort's construction.
  • In Patch 2.2.0, the files for the location originally called it "Fort Hiradirge Citadel," which was changed prior to release.[2]
  • Before the certain quest the prison cannot be opened from inside the citadel but can be accessed from the entrance facing the ship but there will be no characters or enemies inside.

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