Noble is an Altmer in Summerset. She can be found along with Gluthogna and a horse at one of their possible locations.


Upon encountering them:

Gluthogna: "Don't you think you're taking things a little personally? Let's just go about our own business." OR "I apologized. And then I apologized again. What more do you want from me?"
Noble: "How dare you talk to me as equals! Anything else than groveling, on your knees, is an insult!" OR "I am a Kinlady of Summerset and you dare address me as though I were one of your common rabble!"

"Still your tongue. I'm in the middle of dealing with this insolent Orc and nothing will keep me from it." OR "Whatever you wish to discuss can wait. Until this Orc addresses her slight to me, I will not yield my attention elsewhere."

What happened? "My prized mare has run off. I was putting her through her paces when this Orc crosses our path out of nowhere. She spooked my horse so badly that she threw me and ran off. I need to find the poor thing."
Have you looked for it? "I'm not letting this nebarra out of my sight until she prostrates herself before me and begs my forgiveness for the wrong she has done me. She must learn her place!"
Isn't that a bit much? "I am a Kinlady of Summerset. It is not for you to dictate what is appropriate to me! I have been wronged and if I wish to see this Orc grovel as recompense, that is my prerogative."
[Intimidate] I think you're lucky she hasn't beaten you to a pulp. Take her apology and go. "Is that a threat? You would threat a Kinlady in her own lands? Truly there is nothing sacred left with Ayrenne on a throne. Well, I won't stand for it. I'm leaving."

If the Orc was persuaded to apologize:

Gluthogna: "Please, uh, forgive me. My lady. Uh, I mean, my kinlady. It was my fault."
Noble: "Is that the best you can muster? I suppose it is. Very well, now get out of my sight before I change my mind."


If she was intimidated:

  • "I'll grant you a reprieve, Orc. This time. Be on your way."


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