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"You there, bring me another bottle of skooma... wait, who are you? You look like fun. Pull up a seat friend."

Nobleman is an Imperial skooma addict who is found inside Redwater Den. He is incapacitated, and thus only lies on a mat in the den's reception room.


The Bloodstone ChaliceEdit

He is one of several Redwater Skooma addicts found inside the den. After filling the Bloodstone Chalice and exiting the cave, he and the other addicts will have died.


Imperial NoblemanEdit

  • "If my friends could try this Redwater Skooma they might finally understand why I like slumming it with you commoners."
  • "Ohhh... that's good stuff. Believe me friend, I've tried it all and this is the best."
  • "I once paid 3000 gold for this fungus that grows in giants armpits. Couldn't stand up for days, but no where as good as this stuff."


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