Nocturnal's Clothes are an unobtainable item, and are worn by the personified version of the Daedric Prince Nocturnal.


Nocturnal's clothes can be spawned using the console command player.additem 00088952, and removed with player.removeitem 00088952. Due to its lack of item data, it will not appear inside the inventory, and is weightless. However, the game will claim "Nocturnal's Clothes added" when spawned.

The item may only be worn if the following is input: player.equipitem 00088952. When PRIDing other characters, they can be forced to wear the clothes with equipitem 00088952.




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  •  PC   When worn by a male, the character's body warps into a female's until the clothes are taken off.
  •  PC   Most gloves will clip around the wrists with the sleeves.
  •  PC   If equipped onto mannequins and an attempt is made to exit the mannequin menu, the game may crash.
  •  PC   When sprinting or jumping, the Dragonborn's legs and body clip through the clothing.


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