Nocturnal's Clothes are an unobtainable yet coded item shown in the art book that came with the Collector's Edition of Skyrim. Shown as very revealing robes on a female figure, they belong to the personified version of the Daedric Prince Nocturnal.


Nocturnal's Clothes can be added to the inventory with the command player.additem 00088952. However, because it has no item data, it will not appear inside the inventory, and is weightless. However, the game will still give the message "Nocturnal's Clothes added." The item can be removed with the command player.removeitem 00088952.

The item can be worn only if the console command is used: player.equipitem 00088952. Other NPCs may equip the item with equipitem 00088952 when selected.

The ID code for Nocturnal's Hat is 00088954. It has the same properties as Nocturnal's Clothes, and can be worn with the same methods. It should not be confused with the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal.


Nocturnal's Clothes and Hat

Nocturnal's Clothes worn with Nocturnal's Hat.

  • Oddly enough, wearing the clothing makes it appear as if no undergarments are being worn, but when removed, some are. This is the same for some other types of clothing as well, as to avoid showing nudity.
  • Nocturnal's Clothes are one of the most revealing clothes in the game for females, others being the Tavern Clothes and Forsworn Armor.


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  • When equipped on a male, Nocturnal's clothing warps the character's body into a female shape until the clothes are taken off.
  • Most gloves will clip in some way with the sleeves of these clothes. This is likely because it was only intended to be worn by Nocturnal, who does not wear gloves.
  • Nocturnal's Hat causes strange effects with certain hairstyles, most notably removing the hair and clipping in certain spots.
  •  PC   If Nocturnal's Robes are equipped onto any mannequin in Skyrim and attempt to exit the mannequin menu by pressing the escape button, the player will be booted out of the game.


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