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"Night among strangers. Secrets in the dark. Nocturnal is here. But my Eye is blind and drowned, stolen from its shrine, and hid in dark waters. To steal from a god is most unwise. In Leyawiin, two Argonians think themselves secret, but the Eye has seen them. Find these thieves in the city that spans the waters. Learn where they hide my Eye. Retrieve the Eye of Nocturnal, mortal, and return it to me, and I shall look favorably upon you."

Nocturnal is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion in which Nocturnal requests that the Hero recover her Eye of Nocturnal.


"Eye of Nocturnal? Doesn't sound familiar to me."
―Leyawiin Guard[src]

Head to the shrine, which is northeast of Leyawiin and south of Arpenia.

After getting permission from the leader of her followers, Mor gra-Gamorn, approach the shrine and talk to Nocturnal. She will talk about her Eye of Nocturnal that has been stolen and mentions Weebam-Na and Bejeen in Leyawiin as possible thieves. She tasks the Hero to find out where the thieves have hidden it, and return it. Head to the town of Leyawiin.


"Weebam-Na and Bejeen have been bragging about some big score they made recently. They claim it's a valuable jewel. Who knows with those two."
―Leyawiin Guard[src]

Ask around about the thieves, and you should get a tip to investigate Weebam-Na's house, which is in the middle of the city, across the street from the house for sale. Alternatively, they can just go to the house directly and enter while the two are there. Asking Weebam-Na and Bejeen about the Eye causes them to act in suspicious manner.

"She wasn't a bad sort until she hooked up with that rascal Weebam-Na. That's where you're likely to find her... at Weebam-Na's house."
―Leyawiin Guards about Bejeen[src]
"He's always got some scam going with Bejeen, his partner. You might find them both at Weebam-Na's house."
―Leyawiin Guards about Weebam-Na[src]

After talking to them, Bejeen will ask Weebam about the Eye, but he will cut her off for fear of someone overhearing them because they are not alone. The journal will update that one should try to listen in without letting your presence be known. Using Stealth or an invisibility effect or item will help in being undetected. The the Hero will overhear them converse about the Eye, which is hidden in Tidewater Cave along the coast south-east of Leyawiin and south of Darkfathom Cave. Head to Tidewater Cave and enter.

Tidewater CaveEdit

Nocturnal (Quest) Orb

The Eye of Nocturnal

Inside the cave is an assortment of Kalperklan Trolls and leveled animals. The quickest route to the Eye from the entrance is to take all left turns.

"My Eye is returned, and I once again see into the darkness that is your world. We mock the thieves, for bitter in their loss. You, mortal, may take this. It shall open the secrets of dark places for you."

The Eye is submerged in a small pool of water at the end of the tunnel, next to a chest. Upon retrieving the Eye, return it to the Shrine of Nocturnal for the reward, the Skeleton Key which has the constant effect of Fortify Security for 40 points on Self.


Journal Entry
  • Update: After finding the Shrine of Nocturnal:

I have found the Shrine of Nocturnal and spoken with her followers. They have agreed to allow me to speak to the Daedra. I may approach the statue. [You must be level 10 to begin this quest.]

  • Update: After summoning Nocturnal:

When summoned, Nocturnal spoke to me of the Eye of Nocturnal, which has been stolen. The Daedra believes the thieves to be in Leyawiin. I am to go there, find the thieves, and return the Eye to the shrine.

  • Update: If asking Bejeen about the Eye:

Bejeen denies knowing anything about the Eye of Nocturnal and tells me Weebam-Na knows nothing, either. Perhaps I should try to listen in on their conversations, and see if they offer any clues.

  • Update: If asking Weebam-Na about the Eye:

Weebam-Na denies knowing anything about the Eye of Nocturnal, and tells me Bejeen knows nothing, either. Perhaps I should try to listen in on their conversations, and see if they offer any clues.

  • Update: After overhearing Bejeen and Weebam-Na talk:

I overheard Bejeen and Weebam-Na speak of Tidewater Cave, and the treasure they've hidden there. I should investigate the cave.

  • Update: After entering Tidewater Cave and founding the Eye:

I've found the Eye of Nocturnal. I should return to the Shrine.

  • Update: After returning to the Shrine:

Nocturnal was pleased that I have returned the Eye of Nocturnal. I have been rewarded with the Skeleton Key.

  • Quest complete

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