"This Covenant is burning the fields and murdering us where we stand. Please, there are others out in the paddies. Someone needs to find Batuus, Vudeelal, and Wenaxi."

Nolu-Azza is an Argonian found at Plantation Point Overlook in the region of Bal Foyen.


Salt of the Earth

Nolu-Azza is hiding from the Covenant forces and needs to get back to Dhalmora.


When first encountered hiding in the plantation:

"The Covenant is everywhere."

Can you make it back to town? "I think so. Thank you. I'll see you down the river."

After safely reaching the town:

"I wish I could feel safe in town, but with the Covenant in Bal Foyen, nowhere is safe."

Did you all make it back safely? "We did, thanks to you. We are forever in your dept. We will think of you always in our passage down the river."


  • "We must evacuate. We'll make our way to Davon's Watch. It's always the same. When the waves roll in, the people of the earth are lost to the flood." —When in Dhalmora.


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