Nonwyll Cavern is a cavern located in the Colovian Highlands, between Chorrol and Cloud Top.


It has the unique savage subtype of leveled enemies such as savage Trolls, Mudcrabs, and Ogres (in the Nonwyll Chamber of the Titans room). There are a few chests around the cavern, some are hiding in small corridors that seems to have caved in. There are some minor loot in them like GoldIcon and potions. One chest has leveled loot.

There is a second entrance to the cavern higher up, in the mountain that leads to the second level.


  • Nonwyll Cavern
  • Nonwyll Chamber of the Titans


The Master's SonEdit

The Fighters Guild has been hired to find Galtus Previa, and Viranus Donton needs a confidence boost. Modryn Oreyn asks the Hero to assist and bring back Viranus alive.



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